SmartDriver for Transit

For transit companies

This three-day workshop enhances drivers’ technical and operational knowledge to help transit companies reduce fuel consumption, operational costs and fleet impact on air quality. Course topics include how engines use fuel, how emissions affect the environment and how driving techniques can reduce fuel use. Drivers learn how to minimize wear and tear on transit vehicles, which helps reduce repair and replacement costs. The training also promotes defensive driving techniques, recognizing that fuel-efficient drivers are also safe drivers.

Course outline

The classroom training includes four modules:

  • Module 1: Factors that affect fuel efficiency
  • Module 2: Vehicle care and inspections
  • Module 3: Best driving practices for fuel efficiency
  • Module 4: Defensive driving for fuel efficiency

SmartDriver for Transit also includes an on-road practicum that enables drivers to apply behind the wheel what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Course registration

SmartDriver for Transit is delivered in a train-the-trainer format. Transit companies contact FleetSmart to register for and host train-the-trainer sessions. A FleetSmart Master Trainer will visit your facility and teach transit personnel how to deliver the workshop to other company staff.

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