SmartDriver in the City

For professional drivers and fleet managers

Successful fleet fuel-management plans depend on well trained drivers. SmartDriver in the City delivers the essential knowledge drivers need to reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact of light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Specially designed for urban and municipal fleets, this SmartDriver program covers a range of topics—such as route planning, idling reduction and preventive maintenance—that improve vehicle and fleet energy efficiency.

SmartDriver in the City training delivers many benefits. Drivers acquire a broader set of marketable skills. Fleet owners realize the benefits of investments in fuel-efficient vehicles including lower operating costs, increased profitability and competitiveness, and reduced fleet impact on urban air quality. Participants also learn safe driving practices to help reduce the risks and costs of accidents.

Course outline

The classroom training addresses nine subject areas:

  • Understanding climate change
  • Driving for a living
  • Driving smart
  • Use of gears and fuel economy
  • Idling
  • Effective fuel-reducing devices
  • Maintenance and fuel efficiency
  • Tires and fuel efficiency
  • Alternative fuels and traditional fuels

Contact FleetSmart to register for SmartDriver in the City.

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