SmartDriver for School Bus

For school bus drivers

Fuel is a major expense for school bus fleets, so everything they can do to reduce fuel consumption has a positive impact on the bottom line. SmartDriver for School Bus delivers the essential knowledge drivers need to reduce fuel use and help their employers save money, increase profits and improve competitiveness. In fact, companies that have participated in SmartDriver for School Bus training report fuel-consumption savings of 5 to 10 percent.

But the benefits of SmartDriver for School Bus training extend beyond saving money. Drivers learn how fuel-efficient driving can reduce harmful vehicle emissions. The program also promotes good driving habits to help reduce the risks and costs of accidents. In the end, participants are safer, more environmentally aware, and more fuel-efficient drivers.

Course outline

SmartDriver for School Bus material is presented in two modules on CD-ROM and in a participants’ handbook:

  • Module 1: The SmartDriver — Includes information on pollution, fuel technology and the value of rest, exercise and nutrition.
  • Module 2: About your vehicle — Teaches drivers about vehicle technology and maintenance, as well as operating techniques to improve fuel efficiency.

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