SmartWay helps its partners improve their performance by providing tools to monitor and measure their operations and benchmark performance.

The objectives of benchmarking are to:

  • Better understand the fuel efficiency and emissions of a carrier's operations
  • Provide an analysis of a company's environmental performance
  • Compare a business against others in the industry
  • Identify areas of improvements and develop an action plan to adopt best practices

Shippers can use SmartWay to:

  • Compare the environmental performance of carriers
  • Calculate their freight carbon footprint
  • Qualify to use the SmartWay Transport Partnership logo

Carriers can use SmartWay to:

  • Market themselves to shippers that are concerned about emissions
  • Benchmark themselves against industry peers
  • Qualify to use the SmartWay Transport Partnership logo
Transcript of Video for Shipper and Logistic companies


Welcome to the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

Finding creative solutions to move your products and supplies in the cleanest, greenest way possible – while saving fuel and cutting costs – is more important today than ever before!

That’s why thousands of shippers and carriers from across North America are joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

SmartWay is a voluntary program that links freight shippers—manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and logistics service providers — with fuel-efficient carriers. 

SmartWay Partners include many Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, Catalyst Paper, UPS and Ikea and many of Canada’s largest truck carriers.

Since its creation in 2004, SmartWay and its partners have successfully saved 65 million barrels of oil, which is the equivalent of taking 5 million cars off the road each year.

These savings represent billions of dollars in operational costs and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and other harmful pollutants – helping the freight industry reduce costs while creating a more sustainable future.

Bob Ballantyne, President, Canadian Industrial Transportation Association:

SmartWay is one of those programs, where people that are involved in it are going to do well by doing good.

In other words, it is good for the environment but there is an economic payback as well. The whole idea of reducing your energy consumption obviously means that you are going to reduce costs and that is going to be good for everybody in the whole supply chain, both the carriers, and the shippers, and the receivers of goods as well.

Alison Toscano, Project Manager, Supply Chain Management Association:

Over the last five years we have seen a change.

At the beginning when green was just becoming a word in supply chain, it was seen as a driver of cost.

People were very hesitant to engage because they felt it was going to drive their costs up.

But as a lot of companies went through the process of greening they realized it was actually saving them money because they would review their entire business processes and come out with more efficient processes, whether it was just from a fleet standpoint or other processes within their business.


Joining the partnership is free and easy.

SmartWay gives you a set of industry-accepted tools to analyze your freight operations.

We will work with SmartWay carriers to improve their fuel efficiency which in turn will improve the carbon footprint of your transportation operations.

You will also be able to demonstrate your environmental performance to customers and shareholders.

To improve your environmental performance as a shipper of goods you can require that your carriers also be SmartWay Partners.

This will help increase the demand for sustainability across all elements of the freight supply chain. 


Alain Boutin, Director of Compliance and Operations, Cascade Transport :

For those of us at Cascades Transport, this isn’t just important, it’s a requirement.

Cascade’s slogan is “Greener than Nature” so as a transportation company, you know we have no choice but to adhere to that statement.

We’re obligated to do so. We’re connected to some amazing new technologies which have really helped us to reduce the fuel consumption of our whole fleet.

Being part of a group like SmartWay helps us to be aware of what is going on in the world of transportation, and stay ahead of the latest innovations.


Alison Toscano, Project Manager, Supply Chain Management Association:

When it comes to the RFP process, we have heard that, if you go back a couple of years in the RFP, having some kind of green program in your company had about a 5% weighting when you were going through the RFP process.

Today it is as much as a 30% weighting.

So if you are on the program and moving towards getting more and more efficient obviously it is going to be of benefit.

It gains you access to a broader customer base because people are going to be looking for that efficiency rating.


If you’re ready to make a commitment to improving your freight operations and the environment, while enhancing your bottom line, take the first step and join the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

You move freight the smart way.

Now you can show it.

For you and your employees. Your customers. And our environment.

Contact Natural Resources Canada today and become a SmartWay Partner