2017 SmartWay Excellence Award Winners: Three Canadian Carriers are Honoured

Three Canadian companies were among 44 SmartWay truck carriers and four multimodal award winners honoured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as industry leaders in supply chain environmental and energy efficiency with its 2017 SmartWay Excellence Awards.  These top performing SmartWay Partners had the lowest carbon dioxide and criteria emissions based on reports submitted in 2016.

The Canadian SmartWay Excellence Award recipients are members of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a market-driven initiative that empowers businesses to move goods in the cleanest, most energy-efficient way possible.  SmartWay is a voluntary, free program that provides freight carriers with tools to track and measure their emissions to help them improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their emissions. They represent a diverse group of freight carriers – including companies with small and large fleets from different provinces and companies that won awards in different fleet categories.

The annual SmartWay Excellence Awards honours carriers, shippers and logistics partners for superior performance.  To be eligible for an award, companies in most categories are also required to provide qualitative data demonstrating how they have gone above and beyond the requirements of the program.

The SmartWay program is administered jointly by Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. EPA. The awards process is managed by the US EPA but recognizes top performers in both countries.

Recognition of partners as SmartWay Excellence awardees took place on October 23, 2017 at the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) Annual Management Conference and Exhibition which took place in Orlando, Florida, where three Canadian carriers were honoured:

The three Canadian carrier award recipients are listed below
2017 SmartWay Carrier Partner Awardees Fleet Category Province Country
Bison Transport, Inc Truck Load/Dry Van Manitoba Canada
Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd. Small*/Mixed Ontario Canada
Logistics Trans West Inc. Small*/refrigerated Quebec Canada

*Small: Fleets with annual miles travelled that are less than one percent of the total miles travelled for that category.

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