SmartWay Affiliates are organizations that encourage their members or customers to participate in the SmartWay Transport Partnership. As an Affiliate, you decide which strategy works best for you to promote SmartWay to your members and the public. Some examples include:

  • Provide a link to the SmartWay website on your website
  • Tell your members, constituents, or customers about specific components of SmartWay
  • Distribute, feature and promote educational materials about SmartWay
  • Recruit new Affiliates from your membership or constituents, or assist other Affiliates with recruiting
  • Publish articles or other informational materials
  • Provide opportunities for Natural Resources Canada’s SmartWay Team to communicate with your members about the program

Organizations who can become SmartWay Affiliates:

  • SmartWay Non-Profit Affiliates are trade and professional associations, membership non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and governmental agencies that educate their constituents about the SmartWay program;
  • SmartWay Truck/Trailer Dealerships promote and sell tractors and trailers that have been SmartWay-designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and/or promote and sell SmartWay-verified add-on technologies;
  • SmartWay Leasing Companies promote and lease SmartWay-designated vehicles, tractors or trailers to dealerships and/or multiple franchises;
  • SmartWay Truck stops/travel plazas educate customers about ways to reduce long duration idling.


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