Barge Carriers – Join SmartWay

Marine carriers that manage river and open-water barge operations are eligible to become SmartWay Partners. The SmartWay Transport Partnership helps barge carriers to benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve environmental performance annually. SmartWay helps barge carriers to:

  • Reduce operating costs by improving fuel efficiency;
  • Attract business from SmartWay shippers;
  • Differentiate their operations from competitors; and
  • Reduce their carbon footprint.

As a SmartWay Partner, you are notifying suppliers, customers and investors that your sustainability goals include a commitment to clean freight.

What’s New in this version of the Barge Tool?

Version 2.0.16 of the Barge Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.15.  These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the Tool, and are summarized below:

  • Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.
  • Addition of a “Harbor Craft” fleet option to estimate mass emissions for fleets not directly involved in barge movements.  Performance metrics are not calculated, and accordingly, these fleets will not appear in the SmartWay Carrier Data File used by Shippers and Logistics Companies.
  • Addition of an articulated barge option.

Become a SmartWay Partner in Three Steps:

  1. Review the User Guides which will help you to complete the Tool.
  2. Download and complete your Barge Tool by entering your fleet-level activity and operations data into the Barge Tool.
  3. Send your completed Barge Tool by May 5, 2017 to for approval.