What Carrier Emissions Information is Made Public?

Once you have completed the Tool for your carrier company, you will be able to see your company’s actual emissions rates for each fleet category you operate.  This is the information that you submit to SmartWay to become a SmartWay Partner.  You can also use this information to compare your fleet-level operations with publicly available information about your peers, using the SmartWay Carrier Emissions Results. However, no SmartWay Partner’s actual emissions rates are ever made public

To create the public emissions data for carriers, SmartWay uses all available company-specific fleet-level emissions rates to place companies into performance ranges:

  • Top 20%
  • Second 20%
  • Middle 20%
  • Fourth 20%
  • Bottom 20%

Performance ranges are specific to each fleet category, since each fleet category has distinct equipment and operational characteristics that can affect both fuel consumption and emissions.  There are separate ranges for each of the eight emissions categories.

SmartWay then sets the midpoint of each performance range as the publicly available performance level for all of the fleets that fall within that performance range, within that fleet category.

This allows:

  • SmartWay shippers to compare carrier fleets within operational/equipment categories
  • SmartWay shippers to fairly evaluate between carrier mode options (e.g., truckload dry van vs. multimodal)
  • SmartWay shippers to consider the emissions that are most important to them
  • SmartWay carriers to ensure data security of their specific company information