Multimodal Carriers - Join SmartWay

Multimodal carriers are eligible to become SmartWay Partners. A multimodal carrier is a company that:

  1. operates its own private truck fleet combined with one or more of the following; a rail company, a barge company or a logistics brokerage; and also
  2. operates its own private truck fleet with:
    1. at least 5% of its freight shipping contracted with truck and/or logistics companies; or
    2. at least 10% of its freight shipping contracted with rail, air, and/or barge companies

The SmartWay Transport Partnership helps multimodal carriers to benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve environmental performance annually. Multimodal carriers registered in the program are known as SmartWay Partners. SmartWay helps multimodal carriers to:

  • Reduce operating costs by improving fuel efficiency
  • Attract business from SmartWay shippers
  • Differentiate their operations from competitors; and
  • Reduce their carbon footprint

By joining SmartWay as a SmartWay Partner, you are notifying suppliers, customers and investors that your sustainability goals include a commitment to clean freight

What’s new in this version?

Version 2.0.17 of the Multimodal Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.16. These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness and clarity of the Tool, and are summarized below:

  • The Contacts Section has been updated to clarify the relationship between Sustainability Contacts and other contacts.
  • Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.
  • For Truck component fleets –
    • New NOx and PM emission factors have been updated for 2018 from the EPA MOVES model.
    • Black Carbon (BC) emission factors have been added to the Truck reports, based on elemental carbon (EC) factors obtained from the EPA MOVES model. Truck Partner performance metrics are now available for BC as well as CO2, NOx, and PM.
    • NOx and PM emission factors for transportation refrigeration (reefer) units were updated to reflect 2018 calendar year emissions using the NONROAD component of the EPA MOVES model.
  • For Logistics component fleets –
    • New SmartWay Categories have been added for Multimodal carriers: Surface, Surface-Air, Surface-Marine, and Surface-Air-Marine.
    • Additional validation checks have been added for barge carrier product density and Surface-Air Multimodal carrier payloads.
    • Average carrier volumes have been added to the Logistics Input Summary reports.
  • For Barge component fleets –
    • An inconsistency was identified in the emission factors in the 2008 locomotive and marine U.S. Federal Rulemaking where PM emissions for pre-2000 engines where lower than for newer engines. These values have been set equal to model year 2000 engine emissions for consistency.
  • For Rail component fleets –
    • Class 2 and 3 Rail operators must now provide an estimate for total railcar kilometres traveled for the reporting year.

Become a SmartWay Partner in three steps:

  1. Review the User Guides which will help you to complete the Tool.
  2. Download and complete the Multimodal Tool by entering your fleet-level activity and operations data in the Multimodal Tool.
  3. Send your completed Multimodal Tool to for approval by June 22, 2018.

Please contact SmartWay with questions that you may have at 1-855-322-1564 or by e-mail at