Benefits of SmartWay's data-focused program

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SmartWay is an internationally recognized program with a standardized approach for tracking emissions, and it is free.
Over 300 Canadian shippers and freight carriers have joined SmartWay, a North American network of 3,000 companies interested in saving money, using less energy and lowering emissions.

How SmartWay meets the need for verified data: Many businesses are under pressure to assure shareholders and customers that they are keeping an eye on the bottom line while at the same time working to “green” their supply chain. Obtaining reliable performance data that companies can use to measure carbon emissions can be a time-consuming and costly process. SmartWay saves companies time and money by giving them access to verified data through free data collection and reporting tools.

How SmartWay works: To join SmartWay, companies enter data each year about their freight transport activity into the appropriate tracking tools. These tools are available in English and French for truck, barge, multimodal and logistics carriers, as well as freight shippers.

Graphic illustrating the Annual data submission, benchmarking and reporting drives improvement

Annual data submission, benchmarking and reporting drives improvement

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  • Step 1: Companies submit tool each year SmartWay
  • Step 2: SmartWay reviews each submission
  • Step 3: Companies receive benchmark report
  • Step 4: Companies strive to improve operations
  • Step 5: Lower supply chain costs and emissions
  • Each carrier company enters its fuel consumption and activity data into the tool. With this information, SmartWay ranks carriers for CO2, NOx and PM emissions. SmartWay reviews and verifies each submission for accuracy. Each company receives a report that it can use to benchmark its performance. This information enables companies to provide the emissions data their customers need.
  • Each shipper enters information about its shipping activity and which carriers it used. This information is used to calculate its freight transportation carbon footprint.

More ways SmartWay can help your company

Making sense of data can be a challenge. SmartWay tools can help partners extract the value from carriers’ emissions data.


  • Can obtain Carrier Emission Results on our website to identify the most fuel-efficient, low-emission SmartWay carriers.
  • Can measure the emissions impact of their goods movement.
  • Can lower their emissions by improving the performance of their dedicated fleets and for-hire carriers.
  • Can use SmartWay data in their corporate reports, carbon disclosure projects, and other public reporting, demonstrating to their stakeholders that they are concerned about sustainable freight transportation.


  • Receive an annual benchmarking report that enables them to analyze fleet company data.
  • Can gain a better understanding of their fuel efficiency and emissions performance.
  • Can obtain Carrier Emission Results on our website to see how they compare against their peers.
  • Can look for areas for improvement by regularly monitoring and tracking their fuel consumption.
  • Can save fuel and reduce emissions and operating costs.
  • Can gain a competitive advantage — and potentially new customers — by meeting a rising demand for fuel-efficient, low-emission carriers.