Business case for being a SmartWay truck carrier partner

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Do you want to save fuel and go the extra "green" mile for your customers? SmartWay can help you save fuel, improve your freight operations and help you get new business.

Gain a competitive advantage over non-SmartWay partners

Eighty-three percent of Canadian SmartWay truck carriers report that joining SmartWay helped them to get new shipper business.

Shippers today are increasingly focused on the environmental impact of their businesses. SmartWay gives you a competitive edge by enabling you to brand yourself as fuel-efficient and offer potential clients reliable information about your company’s sustainability for their corporate reporting.

Understand and improve your fleet performance

Once you enter your fleet inventory and activity information into your SmartWay tool, you can

  • Analyze your fleets’ fuel efficiency and emissions.
  • Track fuel consumption annually to help improve your fuel efficiency.
  • Learn how your company compares against your competition with personalized reports, which can help you improve your fuel efficiency.

Be part of an internationally recognized network

As a participating SmartWay partner you will:

  • Receive a benchmarking report to analyze your data and compare your performance with your peers.
  • Receive information about fuel-saving measures for your fleets.
  • Be connected with our popular FleetSmart fuel-saving driver education programs available online.
  • Learn about industry trends and best practices in our e-updates.
  • Be invited to webinars in which SmartWay top industry performers share information about their challenges and successes.