Business case for being a SmartWay shipper

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SmartWay provides real data to help you make informed business decisions

SmartWay is a free, internationally recognized carbon-tracking process that provides executives, shareholders and customers with access to a standardized source of data that they can use to measure the environmental impact of their freight supply chain.

SmartWay helps shippers reduce the complexity of reporting their freight transportation emissions and better understand the carbon risks in their freight supply chain.

With the carrier emission results available in the SmartWay Shipper Tool, shippers can choose carriers based on specific metrics that are important to their companies. If the goal is to:

  • • Reduce fuel consumption – A carrier’s CO2 ranking is an important metric to check. CO2 production corresponds to fuel use and the effects of climate change.
  • • Improve freight efficiency – A carrier’s grams per tonne-kilometre of CO2 are indicative of freight efficiency.
  • • Reduce smog in a localized area (e.g. loading docks or port operations) – A carrier’s grams per kilometre of particulate matter is a metric related to air quality.

Join SmartWay

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SmartWay helps measure performance

  • Gain access to verified data by using SmartWay’s carrier emission results in the SmartWay Shipper Tool.
  • Easily compare the fuel efficiency of SmartWay carriers during the request-for- proposals contracting process.
  • Measure and benchmark your company’s freight transport carbon footprint by using real data from your operations.
  • Track your company’s success in reducing emissions.

SmartWay helps improve performance

  • Gain a better understanding of where the carbon risks and areas of improvement are in your freight supply chain.
  • Accelerate improvement in performance by accessing the most fuel-efficient and low-emission carriers.
  • Use the SmartWay Shipper Tool to project further emission reductions from a modal shift.
  • Lower emissions by improving the performance of your fleets or work with your dedicated and for-hire carriers

SmartWay helps meet reporting demands

  • The Shipper Tool creates easy, accessible reports that can be used both for internal corporate reporting and reporting to external stakeholders on your Scope 3 emissions, including the Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative.
  • SmartWay provides your company with a personalized shipper benchmarking report to help you understand how you compare with industry peers on key metrics.

SmartWay helps demonstrate leadership and success

  • The SmartWay logo demonstrates to your customers, employees and carriers that your company is a leader in sustainable transportation.
  • Compete for an annual SmartWay Excellence Award and gain industry recognition for your efforts to lower supply chain costs and emissions by integrating freight sustainability strategies and practices into your operations.