Why business leaders have joined SmartWay

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Join a growing roster of SmartWay partners

More than 300 Canadian companies have joined SmartWay, a network of more than 3,000 companies interested in reducing fuel costs, improving productivity and encouraging competitiveness in their supply chains. SmartWay is an international government-industry partnership between companies such as retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers that purchase freight transportation services and carrier companies that transport goods by truck, rail, barge or air.

As environmental responsibility becomes increasingly important in customer and corporate decision-making, companies are reaching out to business partners with similar goals and turning fuel efficiency and emissions reduction into a business-to- business proposition.

SmartWay helps you meet stakeholder and customer needs

Through a standardized tracking and reporting system, SmartWay makes it easy for shippers to respond to corporate and stakeholder demands to demonstrate that they are taking responsibility for the emissions associated with moving goods.

Increasingly, firms that ship goods are seeking freight carriers that can demonstrate that they are fuel-efficient, low-emission operators. Many shippers use the SmartWay Partner List and Carrier Emissions Results available on our website to choose their carrier partners.

SmartWay helps you save fuel

In 2013, Canadian SmartWay partners saved more than 50 million litres of fuel. This is equivalent to taking more than 100,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

SmartWay helps you save money

SmartWay is helping businesses to reduce their fuel costs, saving $65 million in Canada. These savings support Canadian businesses and their customers.

SmartWay addresses the environment and climate change

By connecting fuel-efficient freight carriers with shippers who want to "green" their operations, SmartWay helps to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution from the freight supply chain. The environmental benefits improve the well-being of all Canadians.