Freight Shippers – Join SmartWay

The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a free program that helps freight shippers to improve their operations, track their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their environmental performance annually. Shippers registered in the program are known as SmartWay Partners. SmartWay helps freight shippers to:

  • Easily compare performance of carriers and make cost effective decisions
  • Get more accurate data on their carriers’ transportation emission which helps shippers to report their carbon emissions (Available in English only).
  • Quantify, benchmark, and track emissions across the supply chain
  • Improve operational and environmental performance
  • Enhance their company’s image to appeal to investors and consumers; and
  • Differentiate their operations from competitors

By joining SmartWay as a SmartWay Partner, you are notifying suppliers, customers and investors that your sustainability goals include a commitment to clean freight.

What’s New in this Version?

Version 2.0.16 of the Shipper Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.15. These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness and clarity of the Tool, and are summarized below:

  • Average carrier volumes have been added to the Input Summary reports.
  • A “save” option has been added to all reports to allow for exporting to Excel format.
  • An optional entry for Sustainability Officers has been added to the Contact Information section.
  • Modal average performance metrics have been updated for the Truck mode under the Modal Shift tab to reflect the latest MOVES model outputs.
  • Modal average performance metrics for the air mode are now differentiated by short and long-haul carriers under the Modal Shift tab.
  • Miscellaneous text and format updates have been made for clarification.

Companies can become a SmartWay Partner in three steps:

  1. Review the Shipper Tool User Guides which will help you to complete the Shipper Tool.
  2. Complete the Shipper Tool by identifying the extent that you use SmartWay carrier companies and by providing other information about your operations. You must use at least one (1) SmartWay carrier to register and remain in good standing with SmartWay.
  3. Send your completed Shipper Tool to for approval.

Manufacturers, retail companies, freight shippers, not-for-profit organizations, government departments and the general public can attend any of our free webinars to learn more information on SmartWay.

Please contact SmartWay with any questions that you may have at 1-855-322-1564 or by e-mail at

Here is a list of the information that you will need to register.

Partner Information

  • Company Information:
    • Company name, address
    • Main phone number, website
  • Working, executive, and other contact information
    • Name, title
    • Address,
    • Phone, e-mail
  • SmartWay ID number (for returning SmartWay Partners)

Company Characterization Information

  • Company names and contacts
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes

Carrier Use Profile

  • Identification information for carriers contracted in the reporting year (including mode, name, Standard Carrier Alpha Code and/or National Safety Code numbers)
  • Carrier pathways (optional): inbound/outbound/internal, domestic/international
  • Shipper-specific carrier identifiers (optional): ID Codes, Business Unit ID, Internal Shipper Segment Codes
  • Activity details for each of your carriers:
    • Total kilometres contracted; and/or
    • Tonne-kilometres contracted; and/or
    • The average density, average load percent, and average payload.
  • Optional information regarding modal shifts and other shipper efficiency strategies