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Welcome to the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

Finding creative solutions to move your products and supplies in the cleanest, greenest way possible – while saving fuel and cutting costs – is more important today than ever before!

That’s why thousands of shippers and carriers from across North America are joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

SmartWay is a voluntary program that links freight shippers—manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and logistics service providers — with fuel-efficient carriers. 

SmartWay Partners include many Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, Catalyst Paper, UPS and Ikea and many of Canada’s largest truck carriers.

Since it’s creation in 2004, SmartWay and its partners have successfully saved 65 million barrels of oil, which is the equivalent of taking 5 million cars off the road each year.

These savings represent billions of dollars in operational costs and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and other harmful pollutants – helping the freight industry reduce costs while creating a more sustainable future.

Tammy White, Business Development Executive, XTL Transport:

As a transport company, XTL has a fuel spend upwards of $20 million, so for us working with companies that we can partner with that are sharing the same interest to share and save on fuel economy, reduce emissions, it is very important for us to work with companies that are of the same mind set.

So, it was very evident to us that it was important to get involved in that to make sure that we were not excluding ourselves from opportunities that are presented by being known as a green company.

Bob Ballantyne, Canadian Industrial Transportation Association:

SmartWay is one of those programs where people that are involved in it are going to do well by doing good.

In other words, it is good for the environment but there is an economic payback as well.

The whole idea of reducing your energy consumption obviously means that you are going to reduce costs and that is going to be good for everybody in the whole supply chain, both the carriers, and the shippers, and the receivers of goods as well.


As a SmartWay freight carrier, you become part of a network committed to saving fuel, money, and reducing emissions.

Dave Corcoran, Director, National Transportation and Distribution, Nestlé:

We all play a part in reducing our environmental impact.

It’s the right thing to do.

In fact at Nestlé, sustainability is a consideration of our carrier selection.


Joining the partnership is free and easy.

SmartWay gives you a set of industry-accepted tools to analyze your freight operations.

We will work with you to improve your fuel efficiency and publicly recognize your company’s achievement.

As a SmartWay carrier, you can gain a competitive advantage— and potentially new customers—by filling a rising demand for fuel-efficient carriers. 

Tammy White, Business Development Executive, XTL Transport:

These programs standardize the way that we use the information and access it and now with SmartWay Canada those things are going to be geared more towards the Canadian market and will offer such things as different network capabilities that are primarily attractive to Canadian companies.

Alison Toscano, Project Manager, Supply Chain Management Association:

The Fortune 500 companies are really driving a top-down process to make the carriers go green.

They are demanding this because they have all developed corporate responsibility programs and they see that the supply chain and the transportation portion are adding to their carbon footprint and they want to see a reduction in that area.

We feel that being a member of the SmartWay program it will give you access to markets that you didn’t have before because there will be shippers who are looking for, and limiting response to RFPs, to people who are part of the SmartWay program.


If you’re ready to make a commitment to improving your freight operations and the environment, while enhancing your bottom line, take the first step and join the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

You move freight the smart way.

Now you can show it.

For you and your employees. Your customers. And our environment.

Contact Natural Resources Canada today and become a SmartWay Partner



The SmartWay Transport Partnership helps truck carriers to benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve environmental performance annually. Truck carriers registered in the program are known as SmartWay Partners. SmartWay helps truck carriers to:


  • Reduce operating costs by improving fuel efficiency
  • Attract business from SmartWay shippers
  • Differentiate their operations from competitors; and
  • Reduce their carbon footprint

By joining SmartWay as a SmartWay Partner, you are notifying suppliers, customers and investors that your sustainability goals include a commitment to clean freight.

What’s new in this version?

Version 2.0.17 of the Truck Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.16.  These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the Tool, and are summarized below:

  • The Contacts Section has been updated to clarify the relationship between Sustainability Contacts and other contacts.
  • New NOx and PM emission factors have been updated for 2018 from the US EPA MOVES model. 
  • Black Carbon (BC) emission factors have been added to the tool, based on elemental carbon (EC) factors obtained from the MOVES model. Performance metrics are now available for BC as well as CO2, NOx, and PM.
  • NOx and PM emission factors for transportation refrigeration (reefer) units were updated to reflect 2018 calendar year emissions using the NONROAD component of the MOVES model.
  • All gasoline consumed is now assumed to be E10 (10% ethanol blend). Users may no longer specify separate consumption amounts for gasoline and E10, although E85 consumption may be entered separately.
  • The “Feedback” section of the tool has been updated making it easier to follow and complete.
  • Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.

Become a SmartWay Partner in Three Steps:

  1. Review the User Guides which will help you to complete the Tool.
  2. Download and complete your Truck Carrier Tool by entering your fleet-level activity and operations data into the tool.
  3. Send your completed Truck Carrier Tool to for approval.

Please contact SmartWay with any questions that you may have at 1-855-322-1564 or by e-mail at