Software and Analysis Tools

CanmetENERGY has developed a number of software tools as part of their optimization projects. The lab utilizes software analysis tools to support optimization and analysis of power generation and industrial process equipment. The software tools include: the Boiler Performance Analysis Tools, Carbon Burnout Model, Combustion Analysis Software, Efficiency Analysis Software, Generic Finite Difference Thermal Analysis Tool, Steam Tables and Flue Gas Properties, Ljungstrom Air Heater Model and Coal Advisor Software.

Boiler Performance Analysis Tools (HYSYS Extensions in Visual BASIC)

Lower furnace module

The lower furnace module was developed to provide a detailed analysis of furnace cavities. This plug-flow model can be used to model radiation in a variety of industrial furnaces. It has been successfully used in both air fired application and oxy-fuel performance studies.

Upper furnace module

The upper furnace module provides detailed modeling of convective and radiant sections of the furnace. There are 3 different types of sections that are modeled for heat transfer. These include:

  • superheaters and reheaters
  • open furnace non-fired cavities
  • economizers

The modules have been used to model both air-fired and oxy-fired steam generators.

Carbon Burnout Model (Visual BASIC and Microsoft Excel®)

This software simulates the burnout of solid carbonaceous chars under various chemical and thermal conditions. It is constantly being improved and the latest version is used in the coal advisor software.

Combustion Analysis Software (C and Visual BASIC)

The combustion analysis software determines the flue gas properties based on fuel and air inputs. The fuel can be gas, liquid, solid or any combination. This software is in wide-spread use within CanmetENERGY and industry partners. The code has been used extensively with other software applications.

Efficiency Analysis Software (Visual BASIC)

The efficiency analysis software determines the efficiency losses in combustion related processes.

Generic Finite Difference Thermal Analysis Tool (FORTRAN)

This program is configurable for analysis of heat transfer both steady-state and transient in solids and gases of any geometry.

Steam Tables and Flue Gas Properties (FORTRAN dynamic link libraries)

These routines are used in almost every system that we have developed. They are libraries of routines that can be called from any programming language.

Ljungstrom Air Heater Model (Visual BASIC)

This software can be used to predict the performance of Ljungstrom style regenerative air heaters. These air heaters are typically used in power generation and other applications where air preheating is required.

Coal Advisor Software (Visual BASIC)

This software allows electrical utilities to make educated decisions regarding the purchase of coals and petroleum cokes. The program is customized to individual plants and determines the technical and economic feasibility of firing the fuels. In addition, the software allows for the evaluation of solid fuel blends.
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Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Ottawa (Ontario) Research Centre.

upper_furnace_module Upper furnace module            
Efficiency Analysis Software Efficiency Analysis Software (Visual BASIC)
Ljungstrom Air Heater Model Ljungstrom Air Heater Model (Visual BASIC)
Coal Advisor Software Coal Advisor Software (Visual BASIC)