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The Pipeline Arbitration Secretariat has created the document “Information for Landowners, Compensation for lands acquired and for damages for federally-regulated pipelines, Negotiation and Arbitration services provided by the Minister of Natural Resources Canada” for landowners. A copy is available in PDF format upon request.

The National Energy Board's publication: Pipeline Regulation in Canada: A Guide for Landowners and the Public

The National Energy Board Act, R.S., 1985, c. N‑7 ("the NEB Act").

Pipeline Arbitration Committee Procedure Rules, SOR/86‑787 ("the Procedure Rules").

National Energy Board Act Amendment Order, SOR/93‑240 (which alters sections 11‑13 of the above‑mentioned Procedure Rules). (Available upon request)

Table of Concordance B allows you read the NEB Act and the Procedure Rules together. [The NEB Act is the chapter N‑7 version. The Procedure Rules refer to the earlier N‑6 version of the Act, in which the section numbers are different.] (Available upon request)

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