Clean Energy Innovation Projects



Inventys Thermal Technologies Incorporated

Learn more about this next generation post combustion CO2 capture process that uses adsorbent structures.

Carbon Nanoplatelet (CNP) Production from Exhaust CO2

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.

Find out how this CO2 capture project will advance the Canadian clean tech industry.

Air-to-Fuels Development, Feasibility, and pre-FEED Study for First Commercial-Scale Demonstration Plant

Carbon Engineering Ltd.

Read about how this project will finalize late-stage development and feasibility work on air to fuels technology.

CO2 Conversion to Methanol

Quantiam Technologies Inc.

Read about how this CO2 to Methanol project hopes to replace syngas-to-methanol technologies.


Greenhouse Gas Inventory System for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Read about how Clearstone Engineering is developing a standardized upstream oil and gas inventory solution.

A Tool for Design and Analysis of Vapour Collection and Control Systems (VCCSs)  

Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Learn about how this project will produce a software tool for designing and evaluating VCCSs, and best practices for the design, operation and maintenance of safe VCCSs.

Harmonized Methane Emission Platform

Alberta Energy Regulator

Read more about the vision of this project to demonstrate an effective methane emissions reporting platform for the upstream oil and gas (UOG) industry.

Field Assessment of Subsurface Migration, Groundwater Impacts and Fate of Fugitive Methane from Energy Resource Development in a Northeastern British Columbian Setting

University of British Columbia

Find out how this project will undertake a multidisciplinary controlled methane release investigation in a shallow groundwater system.

Advanced Methane Detection, Analytics and Mitigation Project

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)

Learn how this project will demonstrate clean energy, reliable, scalable, rapidly deployable and effective technologies for methane detection, measurement, and mitigation.

Area Methane Detection Using Work Trucks

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)

Read more about how this project will use methane detection technology mounted on work trucks to cost-effectively identify and measure methane emissions spanning wide areas in oil and gas facilities in Alberta.

Mobile Methane Sensing Analytics for Emissions Reduction

University of Calgary

Read about how this project will create an analytical toolbox that assimilates and interprets mobile sensor data from ground vehicles, drones, or piloted aircraft.

Assessing methane emissions from legacy fossil resources in Atlantic Canada

Dalhousie University

Read about how Dalhousie University’s study on methane emissions will help to improve Canada’s methane management technology and methodology.


Environmental Monitoring of Tidal Energy Technology

Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA)

Find out more about this competitive research Call through the Offshore Energy Research Association focused on tidal energy-related technology innovation. 

Please note that as projects under the CEI component of EIP are announced they will be posted to this page.