Oil Spill Response Science Projects

Advanced Membrane-Based Hybrid Process for Oil Spill Removal in Marine Environments

University of Alberta

Find out how this project will help to improve the oil/water separation on oil spill recovery vessels.

The Development of Hybrid Rapid Response Agents to Mitigate the Impact of Oil Spills in Marine Environments

BC Research Inc.

Read about how this project will help to delay the spreading and weathering process of an oil spill.

Development of an Integrated Mechanical Recovery and Oil Spill Response System for Heavy Oil in Cold and Ice Prone Marine Environments

Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering

Learn more about this project that will improve heavy oil clean up in arctic and cold ocean environments.

Development of In-Situ Foam Filtration System for Oil Spill Recovery

University of Toronto

Find out how this technology will work to directly increase absorption and recovery of heavy oil products from marine spill sites.

Please note that as projects under the OSRS component of EIP are announced they will be posted to this page.