Download HOT2-EC (ZIP, 4 MB)

Innovative building designs, which do not meet the requirements of the Prescriptive or Trade-offs Paths, but designed to be energy efficient, can be proven to comply with the 1997 Model National Energy Code for Houses (MNECH) using this compliance program.

This method requires the user to show that the building, as designed, will not have a calculated energy consumption that is greater than it would have been if the building was designed to meet the prescriptive requirements.

A computer analysis must be used to prove that the building will be as energy efficient as the same house designed using the Prescriptive compliance requirements.

HOT2-EC is a special version of HOT2000 that provides compliance with MNECH 1997. A house file created in HOT2-EC can be loaded into the latest version of HOT2000 but the reverse is not true. This saves users from inputting their design twice in order to use each program. Note that HOT2-EC does not contain all of the features and capabilities of HOT2000 and will be updated when the MNECH is updated.

System Requirements

  • HOT2-EC runs under the Windows95/98/NT/XP

Downloading Software

HOT2-EC can be downloaded and installed for the purpose of testing the application. House files cannot be submitted for compliance to the MNECH using this version.

To install the software:

  1. Once you have downloaded the << >> file to your hard drive, extract the archived files to a temporary directory such as c:\temp.
  2. Run the Setup program, i.e. c:\temp\setup.exe
  3. Use the Setup Wizard to guide you through the installation process
  4. To run HOT2-EC, select the program icon from the Start Menu.

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