CanmetENERGY is Canada’s leading research and technology organization in the field of clean energy. Learn how our expertise, projects, unique facilities, and work with key stakeholders are driving a cleaner production and use of energy resources.



Find out how CanmetENERGY is working to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through fuel-efficient vehicles and cleaner fuels.

Clean fossil fuels

Find out what CanmetENERGY is doing in advanced combustion, gasification, and carbon capture and storage technologies to reduce emissions and improve system performance.

Buildings and communities

Read more about the work being done to accelerate the development and deployment of energy efficient and renewables integration solutions for homes, buildings and communities.


Learn more about how CanmetENERGY is at the forefront of innovative technology developments that will enhance the sustainability of a bioenergy future.

Oil sands

Find out how CanmetENERGY is helping to develop Canada’s oil sands and heavy oil resources in a sustainable and responsible way through advances in science and technology.


Find out about CanmetENERGY’s active role in the effective harnessing and efficient use of renewable energy from the sun, wind, water, and biomass.

Industrial processes

Learn more about how CanmetENERGY is working with industrial organizations to improve system performance, share information and develop tools to promote energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions from industrial processes.