Tom Mackintosh

Dean Haslip

Title: Research Engineer
Group: Buildings and Renewables Group
Technology: Micro Combined Heat and Power, Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Electrical and Thermal Storage Systems

Since 2011, Tom has occupied his position as Research Engineer at the CanmetENERGY-Ottawa (CE-O) complex, where he works in the Alternate Energy Laboratory. Since joining CE-O, Tom has conducted experimental work with heat pumps, micro-cogeneration systems, thermal storage systems, electrical storage systems, and power conversion electronics.

Tom is currently working in the areas of cold climate heat pumps and micro-cogeneration. With this technology, he and his team are developing a state-of-the-art air source cold climate heat pump for use in a gas fired residential scale Trigen system.

Tom has a Masters of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University, which he obtained in 2016 with his thesis proposal, “The Design and Experimental Analysis of an Air Source Heat Pump for Extreme Cold Weather Operation”. Outside of work, he is an active member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).