A Virtual Power Plant to Balance Wind Energy – A Canadian Smart Grid Project

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Authors: David Beauvais, Natural Resources Canada
Michel Losier, NB Power

CETC number: 2013-057

Publication date: 2013-06-18


In this case study, PowerShift Atlantic demonstrates one of the world’s first virtual power plants designed to allow for more effective integration and balancing of wind power onto the power grid. The project was launch in 2010 and is jointly funded by Natural Resources Canada through the Clean Energy Fund and by members of the Maritime consortium.

The primary objective of this demonstration is to determine if load shifting can provide an economic and effective alternative to building new supply side ancillary services for the integration of wind with minimal or no disruption to participating utility customers.

Talking about the current status, the benefits and cost and the lessons learned, this report gives a look on the possibility to reduce the cost when you’re using this new technique of wind energy exploitation. Also, they suggest some solutions to solve problems caused by large customers.

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