Arc welding

Looking for an energy-efficient arc welding machine?

An arc welding machine is a device used for fusing metals. The machine emits an electrical arc from an electrode which melts metal or supplies filler into a joint between two pieces of metal. To produce the temperatures of up to 3,600ºC required to fuse metals, arc welding machines consume significant quantities of energy.

Arc welding technology and energy efficiency

Many arc welding machines sold today use far less energy than older models, even when they are idling. Newer units fitted with inverter power sources are lighter, more versatile and more energy-efficient than those powered by older, transformer-rectifier power sources.

Here is how the models compare: The old, transformer-rectifier equipment had energy conversion efficiencies that ranged from 40 to 60 percent and consumed 2 to 5kW when idling. Those with inverter power sources have energy conversion efficiencies near 90 percent and consume around 0.1 kW when idling.


  • Inverter power sources can be up to 50 percent more efficient than transformer-rectifier power sources and draw one-twentieth of the power when idling.
  • Inverter power sources have power factors (the ratio of power available for use to the power consumed by the unit) that are close to 100 percent; transformer-rectifier power sources’ percentages are far lower.
  • Inverter power sources are far lighter than transformer-rectifier power sources, meaning they are more portable and require fewer people to operate.
  • Welding professionals, fabricators and manufacturers can find more information at The Canadian Welding Association.