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Looking for an energy-efficient electric motor?

In Canada, electric motors must:

  • meet minimum energy performance standards set by regulations

Alternating current induction motors are the most commonly used motors in Canadian industry. These motors are usually purchased in sizes ranging from 1 to 500 horsepower.

Electric motors and energy efficiency

Many manufacturers offer motors that are more efficient than minimum standards required by regulations in Canada. This is good news. Even a small improvement in motor efficiency can add up to big savings for your business.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has developed a set of criteria to identify high-efficiency motors. When shopping, look for units that carry the NEMA PremiumTM  label. These consume less electricity, are designed for optimum efficiency, and are quality-built motors.

NEMA Premium motors can replace the motors in most original equipment manufacturers’ products. They are particularly well suited to motors that are used for more than 6,000 hours per year and situations where reliability is critical.

How much can you save?

In a word, lots. A motor’s purchase price accounts for about three percent of the unit’s total lifecycle cost. The remainder of the money you spend goes to pay for electricity. So, even a small increase in energy efficiency of one or two percent can make a huge difference in motor operating costs.

A NEMA Premium motor costs more to buy than a standard model. However, it has been proven to pay for itself within a few years of continuous operation.

Canada’s motor selection tool, CanMOST, can help you determine how much you can save by choosing a premium efficiency motor.

Compare current models of electric motors using our searchable product list.

Regulations set the energy efficiency minimum

All electric motors are subject to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations, which set a performance standard for their energy consumption. This helps to eliminate the least efficient products from the Canadian market.

For a comprehensive guide, download NRCan’s Electric Motors: Energy Efficiency Reference Guide.