Buying and operating tips—pre-rinse spray valves

What should you consider when buying a pre-rinse spray valve?

Opt for a high-velocity spray pattern.
These models have substantially better cleaning performance. Look for a PRSV rated to clean at a rate of 26 seconds per plate or less.

Look for models that can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
This is especially important in areas with hard water.

Choose a model tested for efficiency.
Check the packaging to ensure that the PRSV has been measured in accordance with ASTM F2324-03: Standard Test Method for Pre-Rinse Spray Valves.

Check with your municipality or utility about rebates.
PSRVs provide such substantial water savings that many Canadian municipalities and utilities offer programs providing free or discounted PRSVs to commercial or institutional users. 

Operating tips

Follow these best practices for even more energy savings.

Clean the spray head regularly.
Remove scale build-up to keep PSRVs working at maximum efficiency.

Replace badly clogged spray heads.
Resist the temptation to “drill out” the scale from clogged spray heads; this will affect spray velocity and reduce cleaning efficiency.