A computer is a device comprising a central processing unit (CPU) to perform operations with user input devices such as a keyboard and mouse. Screens are either integrated or external and display output information.

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The following types of computers are eligible for ENERGY STAR® certification.

Desktop computer
Desktop computers use an external display with input devices to operate. These machines are designed to remain stationary.

Integrated desktop computer
The integrated desktop model uses one supply cable to power the entire computer. It is packaged as a single unit where the display plugs directly into the main body instead of an external source, eliminating the need for multiple external connections.

Notebook computer
Notebooks are designed specifically for portability, and to be operated for extended periods of time both with and without a direct connection to an AC power source. Notebooks include an integrated display and an integrated keyboard and pointing device, and are capable of being powered by an integrated battery or other portable power source. They typically provide functionality similar to a desktop computer. Note: Notebooks are also called laptops.

Small-scale server
A small-scale server is a computer that uses desktop components but is designed primarily to be a storage host for other computers. These servers provide network infrastructure services, like archiving, and host data/media. These products are not designed to process information for other systems or run Web servers as a primary function. They are marketed and sold for non-data centre purposes.

Thin client
This independently powered unit relies on another computer or server to perform its primary computing functions. Thin clients do not have the rotational media storage (e.g., hard drive) found on a typical computer and they are not designed for portability.

These units are generally useful where many computers are required to use the same information. A server can host the software program and the thin clients carry out the functions at a fraction of the cost of having multiple fully functioning computers.

Workstations are high-performance, single-user computers designed for intensive computing tasks. They are used for graphics, computer assisted design (CAD) operations, software development, financial and scientific applications.

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