Types—imaging equipment

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There are five basic types of imaging equipment that are eligible for the ENERGY STAR® symbol.


This device’s primary function is to produce hard-copy (paper) documents from electronic input. A printer can receive information from single-user or networked computers, or other input devices such as digital cameras.

Scanners convert hard-copy materials into electronic images. Scanned images can be stored, edited, converted or transmitted. Scanners are used primarily in a personal computing environment.

This device’s sole function is to produce paper duplicates from original hard-copy materials. This definition includes upgradeable digital copiers (UDCs) and models powered from outlets, or data/network connections.

Multi-function devices
These units perform two or more different electronic tasks, such as duplicating and faxing. Some all-in-one devices have both a physical and electronic component for transmitting or receiving documents.

Digital duplicators
These devices replicate stencils for digital reproduction. They have largely been replaced by newer technologies such as scanners and printers.

Mailing machines
These devices print postage on items to be mailed.

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