Buying in bulk—gas-fired, tankless water heaters

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Snap shot of expected savings

200 gas-fired, tankless water heaters (20 year life)
Annual Lifetime Annual Lifetime
Energy consumption (GJ) 4,154 83,082 4,398 87,969
Energy cost (@ $8.47/GJ) $35,180 $345,404 $37,250 $365,722
Maintenance cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Total operating cost $35,180 $345,404 $37,250 $365,722
Incremental cost   $0    
Total life-cycle cost   $345,404   $365,722
Total energy savings (GJ) 244 4,887    
Total energy and maintenance cost savings $2,069 $20,318    
Emissions savings (kg CO2) 12,180 243,592    
Payback period 0 years (based on incremental cost of $0 per ENERGY STAR certified unit)

This estimate of energy, cost and emissions savings was calculated using base energy prices and other factors developed from Government of Canada data and national average energy rates.

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