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Getting the best value for your organization.

Typically, best value means the best products at the best prices. Today, however, many organizations have coloured their definition green.

These organizations—businesses, institutions and governments—consider not only cost and performance when buying or leasing goods and services, but also environmental impact.

One leading practice is buying or leasing energy-efficient products and equipment.

Buy ENERGY STAR® for high efficiency

Make procurement easy: look for the ENERGY STAR symbol.

ENERGY STAR certified products:

  • save energy
  • lower energy bills
  • reduce your impact on the environment

Products that qualify for the symbol are the best energy performers of all makes and models on the mainstream market. They meet strict technical specifications for high efficiency—without compromising features or performance in other areas.

Read how some high-profile organizations have successfully used ENERGY STAR at work.

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Join ENERGY STAR: become a Participant

Your organization can play a bigger role in energy efficiency by joining the ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada as a formal Participant. You will become part of a broadly based, voluntary industry-government partnership—a national network that is transforming the way Canadians use energy.

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The Government of Canada’s green procurement

Canada’s federal government is one of the biggest buyers of goods and services in the country. As a result, the government has a significant positive impact on the market for energy efficient goods.

In 2006, the government introduced its Policy on Green Procurement. The policy requires federal departments to use “environmentally preferable” products—a definition that covers high efficiency, ENERGY STAR certified products.

The Office of Greening Government Operations (OGGO) helps put the policy into action. OGGO is part of Public Works and Government Services Canada and advises departments on green procurement.

Tools you can use

For even more information, refer to these Natural Resources Canada publications:

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.