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Message from NRCan

Making the most of ENERGY STAR Most Efficient

It’s a New Year and time to announce the products selected for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 designation. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient is still a new element in the ENERGY STAR products program, but it is already being leveraged by our Participants: we presented the first ENERGY STAR Most Efficient award to Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. in 2014. A recent household survey by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency found that 57% of those who had seen or heard about ENERGY STAR Most Efficient would buy the product because it had been recognized.

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation allows energy efficiency leaders to stretch for even greater accomplishments. Models that fulfill the recognition criteria in selected product categories represent the best of all those that qualify for ENERGY STAR certification. In 2014 1598 models in 11 product categories met the designation.

For 2015 ENERGY STAR will maintain the 11 product categories currently eligible as they continue to represent “the best of the best” and add one new category—residential dishwashers.

See the news article below for a complete list of eligible products and notes of any changes.

To learn more about ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, or to get advice or assistance launching a Most Efficient campaign, contact your NRCan ENERGY STAR account manager or myself.

Dianna Miller

Chief, ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada

Energy efficiency news

Heads up!The call for nominations for the 2015 ENERGY STAR Awards is coming in February.

Don't miss out! All ENERGY STAR Participants will be invited to submit their nominations on-line for the 2015 ENERGY STAR Awards. Full details will soon be available on our website and in an ENERGY STAR Communiqué that will be sent to Participants the day the online registration period begins.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 products announced

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation recognizes the “best of the best” in selected product categories. The program identifies and advances highly efficient products in the marketplace.

For 2015, the current 12 product categories will be kept and one new category added—residential dishwashers.

The following product categories are eligible for Most Efficient designation. Product brand owners can submit models that meet the recognition criteria for the designation.

  • dishwashers, residential
  • clothes washers, large - larger than 2.5 cu.ft. (70.8L)
  • refrigerator-freezers
  • televisions
  • computer monitors
  • ceiling fans
  • ventilating fans
  • windows, residential
  • gas furnaces
  • boilers
  • central air conditioners
  • air-source heat pumps
  • geothermal heat pumps

See complete information on the recognition criteria for Most Efficient 2015 eligible products.

Important! Changes in ENERGY STAR terminology

Effective immediately, the ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada is using two new terms to stay in line with changes made by the main U.S. program.

  1. To describe products that meet ENERGY STAR technical specifications:
    • The term ENERGY STAR “certified” will be used instead of ENERGY STAR “qualified”.
    • The French version of the term is nom de produit “certifié /e/s” ENERGY STAR instead of nom de produit “homologué /e/s” ENERGY STAR.
  2. To describe the originator or owner of a product:
    • The term “product brand owner” will be used instead of “manufacturer” as a more inclusive description. Many companies no longer manufacture the products they own.

Please use this new terminology in all your work going forward, including labelling, product literature and reference material.

NEW! ENERGY STAR database to automatically archive window and door models

Fenestration manufacturers should take note of an important change to NRCan’s database of ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights. Data must be kept up to date or it will automatically be archived on a set date.

Automatic archiving is a simple and effective solution for keeping the database current.  New ENERGY STAR certified models are continually being introduced by manufacturers but old or expired models are not always being removed from the database.

By the end of March, each model in the database that has been certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC—about 95 percent of models in the database—will have been assigned an archival date. The date will be the same as the expiry date of the NFRC certification or a discretionary date chosen by NRCan. Then models will automatically be removed from the database and from the searchable product list on our website.

Manufacturers in the NFRC certification program are asked to monitor their certification expiry dates and update them with NRCan when necessary—and, especially, if they are given an extension by NFRC. This will prevent automatic archival where it is not appropriate.

A similar process is under development for models certified by Canadian certification bodies—CSA, Intertek and QAI.

Regulatory Compliance Reminder: Energy Efficiency Report templates available online

To fulfill the regulatory requirements for a regulated, energy-using product, dealers must submit an energy efficiency report (EER) to NRCan. The EER collects details about the energy performance of the product so a determination can be made about the compliance of the product. Submitting an EER is a necessary step before importing a regulated product into Canada for the first time.

The most recent versions of EER are always available for download on our file exchange site. They are also available upon request from The same mailbox may be used to submit completed reports.

Questions? Contact the NRCan Compliance Group.

Participants at work

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Supply chain professionals flex new ENERGY STAR muscles

Supply Chain Management Association symbol

SCMA, Canada’s largest association of supply chain professionals, is starting off big as a new ENERGY STAR Participant with its Purchaser Power Campaign.

The Supply Chain Management Association recently launched Purchaser Power, a new program that will provide supply chain professionals with tools, resources and best practices for implementing sustainable procurement practices when purchasing energy-consuming equipment for commercial and industrial sector companies in Canada. The Purchaser Power program is made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada.

Purchaser Power

Purchaser Power will encourage companies to develop and implement best practices, including the purchase of ENERGY STAR certified products, and to use the tools and resources specifically created for companies interested in the benefits of purchasing energy-efficient products, such as enhancing competitiveness and ultimately producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Click for further information or to participate in the Purchaser Power program.

With nearly 8000 members working across the private and public sectors, SCMA is the principal source of supply chain training, education and professional development and designation in the country.

LightSavers Canada pivotal in adoption of LED street lighting

Adoption of energy-efficient LED street lighting across Canada is reaching a tipping point, thanks, in part, to the work of LightSavers Canada.  

This national market transformation program, established by the City of Toronto’s Atmospheric Fund in 2008, aims to speed up the adoption of LEDs and adaptive controls in outdoor lighting applications which can reduce electricity use 50-70%. LightSavers is now run by the Canadian Urban Institute and is jointly funded by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Ontario Power Authority.

A recent survey of the national market indicates acceptance of LED street lighting technology is happening across all sizes of municipalities. Municipalities are in various stages of installing about 600,000 LED streetlights, about 17% of the total national street lighting assets. The largest adopting cities include Montréal, Mississauga, Calgary, and Edmonton. Meanwhile, Toronto, with the largest Canadian asset of about 160,000 streetlights, is actively considering a multi-year scale-up.

Canada has about 3.5 million streetlights, according to a 2014 study. Ontario, alone, is home to 1.1 million streetlights.

LightSavers works with municipal lighting managers and their counterparts in municipal and provincial utilities to plan, procure and install LED street lighting. LightSavers has developed a variety of procurement, financing, and scale-up tools targeting barriers to adoption.

LightSavers relies on an online tool supported by NRCan: also the Street Lighting Tool developed by the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative. The free easy-to-use calculator helps procurement departments evaluating light quality, energy use and costs for the most common road layouts.

LightSavers is showing that market transformation works and Canada is emerging as an international leader in LED lighting technology applications.

Technical specifications: new or updates

Room air conditioners DRAFT Version 4.0

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioner Final Draft Version 4.0 Specification. The draft specification and all supporting documents are available on the ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioners Version 4.0 product development webpage. EPA welcomes comments to by Monday, February 2, 2015.

Fenestration technical specification Version 4.1

The ENERGY STAR fenestration technical specification Version 4.1 becomes effective February 1, 2015. Changes include a new climate zone map with three zones instead of four and stricter criteria for many locations in Canada. All registered models in the database will be recertified to the new specification by NRCan on that date. Manufacturers will receive the results during the first two weeks of February.


ENERGY STAR specification Version 7.0 for televisions is officially effective September 30, 2015. Immediately, manufacturers may certify new models under either Version 6 or 7 but, after May 15, 2015, Certification Bodies (CB) will no longer accept submittals under the older version.

Some new features include:

  • updated definitions to reflect current technology like network connectivity, voice and gesture recognition and ultra-high definition
  • test method fully aligned with the December 2013 U.S. Department of Energy method
  • increased stringency, including 0.5 watt limit for passive/standby mode
  • requirements still sufficient to allow for certification of some large TVs (>60 inches/152 cm)

View the televisions specification Version 7.0 in development.

External Power Supplies (EPS)
More stringent performance requirements for external power supplies(EPS) are now in place under the International Efficiency Marking Protocol. EPS in ENERGY STAR certified products must meet Level V or higher and bear the correct Roman numeral symbol. The update applies to audio-visual equipment, telephony, set-top boxes, small network equipment, imaging equipment, displays and computers.

Additional information on the marking protocol is available at!documentDetail;D=EERE-2008-BT-STD-0005-0218

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Get back to basics with our classic introduction to ENERGY STAR! This handy booklet makes the case for buying high efficiency ENERGY STAR certified products for the home in seven key product categories: lighting; major appliances; windows, doors and skylights; heating and cooling equipment; fans and dehumidifiers; entertainment equipment; and home office equipment.

See a complete list of ENERGY STAR and other efficiency-related publications on our website.

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