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Message from NRCan

Let your ENERGY STAR shine online—Canadians are “searching” for it!

Energy efficiency news

Updates & Reminders: ENERGY STAR Awards application process closed; use “ENERGY STAR certified”; free ENERGY STAR banners.

Energy-efficient lighting competition underway

Global competition to crown most energy-efficient TVs

Participants at work

Ontario Power Authority merges with Independent Electricity Systems Operator

Manitoba Hydro cooks up energy savings for professional kitchens

It’s time for the saveONenergy COUPONS spring event in Ontario!

Use the power of ENERGY STAR in your procurement

  Technical specifications: new or updatesset-top boxes; heat/energy recovery ventilators

ENERGY STAR publishing

ENERGY STAR Guide for Commercial Kitchens

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Message from NRCan

Let your ENERGY STAR shine online—Canadians are “searching” for it!

We know that the ENERGY STAR symbol is one of the most powerful consumer icons in Canada; it is recognized by more than 80 percent of Canadians. Now we also know that Canadians are actively searching for the ENERGY STAR online.

A new web analytics tool used at Natural Resources Canada shows that our searchable products list is one of the most visited parts of the NRCan website—and that covers a lot of territory! NRCan embraces everything from mining and forests, to earthquakes and fireworks, as well as the Atlas of Canada and renewable energy.

Most recently our searchable list for finding and comparing energy-efficient products has been the Department’s third-most popular Web page after “fuel prices for your area” and “earthquakes in Canada.” Canadians obviously care about buying energy efficient products.

So how bright does your ENERGY STAR shine online?

As a Participant, you are committed to promoting ENERGY STAR in Canada; making
ENERGY STAR a prominent link on your website is an easy way to serve your customers and fulfil your ENERGY STAR promise. You can link to one of the following:

  • the ENERGY STAR in Canada main page which provides an overview of the initiative and a menu of related pages
  • the searchable products list that allows users to find and compare product models in a number of product categories
  • the product information page that offers individual energy performance profiles for 60+ products.

Dianna Miller
Chief, ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada

Energy efficiency news

Updates & Reminders

  • Submissions for the 2015 ENERGY STAR Awards are now closed. We’re very excited to evaluate this year’s candidates. Look for the winners to be announced this summer!
  • Remember to use the term “ENERGY STAR certified” in product literature and other information materials (instead of former term “ENERGY STAR qualified”). For this reason, updated Guidelines for the application and reproduction of the ENERGY STAR® name and symbol in Canada are now online.
  • We still have big ENERGY STAR banners available—for free! Contact us.

Energy-efficient lighting competition underway

Lighting for Tomorrow is seeking innovative and forward-thinking manufacturers to enter this year’s competition. The deadline for intent-to-submit forms is April 24, 2015 and the deadline to have your entry and products submitted is May 18, 2015.

In 2015, Lighting for Tomorrow is looking for products that are designed to meet the needs of the growing senior population and organic LED (OLED) luminaires. Also, this year’s energy-efficient lighting design competition features residential lighting controls, LED fixtures, retrofit kits, replacement lamps, and OLED fixtures. For complete guidelines and rules for the 2015 competition, please visit www.lightingfortomorrow.com

Winners will be announced in October 2015. Award recipients will be eligible to be promoted by energy efficiency programs across the U.S. and Canada during the following year.

Lighting for Tomorrow is organized by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). About two dozen energy efficiency organizations in the U.S. and Canada have pledged to sponsor this latest competition.

Global competition to crown most energy-efficient TVs

The Clean Energy Ministerial's Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative is conducting a competition to recognize the most energy-efficient flat-panel televisions around the world. SEAD Global Efficiency Medals will be awarded to the most energy-efficient televisions on the market as well as to new technologies that have the potential to greatly reduce energy use in the future.

SEAD Announces International Competition to Recognize World's Most Energy-Efficient TVs

The Global Efficiency Medal competition is part of the SEAD Initiative's ambitious efforts to reduce energy use on a global scale. Televisions account for three to four percent of global residential electricity consumption (PDF 7.2 MB). In the first SEAD competition for flat-panel televisions, held in 2012, SEAD global award-winning products were 33 to 44 percent more efficient than televisions with similar technology.

By recognizing and promoting the world's most energy-efficient televisions, the SEAD competition will help consumers make informed purchasing decisions that can lower energy bills and spur greater innovation among manufacturers.

Prospective winners will be required to provide samples for verification of energy efficiency claims. Winners will be announced in September 2015 and will be honored at an international awards ceremony in early 2016.

This television competition is the fifth in the SEAD global awards program which encourages the production and sale of super-efficient equipment, focusing on products with significant global energy consumption and energy savings potential. In addition to televisions, previous awards recognized super-efficient computer monitors, electric induction motors and lighting products.

For more information about all SEAD awards, visit www.superefficient.org/en/Activities/Awards

Participants at work

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Ontario Power Authority merges with Independent Electricity Systems Operator

Effective January 2015, the merger of Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) with the Ontario Power Authority created a central hub to connect stakeholders, operate Ontario’s electricity system and ensure long-term planning, conservation, market and procurement capabilities to meet Ontario’s needs. The new IESO continues to offer a range of conservation programs, including:

  • saveONenergy for homes and business,
  • Conservation First, a framework to reduce Ontario’s electricty consumption by 7 terrawatt hours by 2020 and
  • the Conservation Fund which supports projects to develop energy-saving products and services.

The IESO has additionally confirmed its commitment to ENERGY STAR, signing on as a Participant in March 2015. Welcome IESO!

Manitoba Hydro cooks up energy savings for professional kitchens

Manitoba hydro logo

Foodservice facilities are some of the most energy intensive establishments in the commercial sector.  In Manitoba, approximately 30 per cent of this energy is consumed by the appliances used in food preparation. That’s why Manitoba Hydro has a program focused on encouraging organizations to look for ENERGY STAR certified products when they buy equipment. This helps their clients to lower energy and operating costs, improve cooking performance, and reduce environmental impact. The program offers rebates on commercial fryers and steamers, and even free low-flow spray valves.

Are you looking for assistance in developing a program targeting commercial and institutional kitchens? Contact us at ENERGY STAR in Canada! 

For information about Manitoba Hydro’s program, visit https://www.hydro.mb.ca/your_business/kitchen/index.shtml

It’s time for the saveONenergy COUPONS spring event in Ontario!

Between March 27 and April 26, saveONenergy coupons are available in-store at participating retailers for instant savings across a wide range of energy-efficient products, including power bars with integrated timers or auto-shutoff, and ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs.  

Coupons are also available year-round for download at saveonenergy.ca/coupons and can be redeemed at the cash register at participating retailers until December 31, 2015. The incentives are provided by IESO, the Independent Electricity System Operator (formerly Ontario Power Authority).

Either way, the benefits add up when consumers make energy-wise choices.

Use the power of ENERGY STAR in your procurement

Shopping for energy-efficient products and equipment is worth it: saving energy saves your organization money. It can take a lot of legwork to sort through all your options; or you can simply look for the ENERGY STAR symbol. What could be easier?

When you see the symbol you know that the product is tested, certified and typically among the top 15 to 30 percent of energy performers in its class. You should also know that earning the ENERGY STAR symbol does not compromise any other performance features.

Whether you are a company executive, green champion, facility manager or purchasing expert, you can play a major part in the development and implementation of strategies for organization-wide commitments to energy efficiency.

The easiest way to get started is by integrating ENERGY STAR into your corporate procurement policies and procedures.  This can be accomplished while working within your own purchasing framework and rules. Furthermore, as bulk buyers you have the purchasing power to influence regular suppliers and the market generally toward greater availability of energy-efficient products!

Visit the procurement or bulk buying pages of the ENERGY STAR in Canada website to learn how to use and promote ENERGY STAR in your organization. Find out how to:

  • Revise purchasing policies, tenders, RFPs, etc. to require ENERGY STAR certified products.
  • Use the ENERGY STAR information and tools such as the ‘ENERGY STAR Savings Calculators’ to help you develop and plan for real-life estimated cost and energy savings scenarios specific to your organization’s setting.
  • If you have not done so already, formalize your interest by signing an ENERGY STAR Participant Arrangement with Natural Resources Canada – you will become part of a dynamic international government/industry partnership. It’s free!!

Finally, we want to hear from you!  Please share your success stories—tell us how you’re promoting ENERGY STAR through the purchasing and supply process.

Technical specifications: new or updates

Consumer Electronics

Set-top boxes

Look for a revised ENERGY STAR Participant Administrative Agreement for Cable, Satellite and Telecom Service Providers, coming soon. New additions reflect the more stringent V. 4.1 specification for set-top boxes that came into effect December 31, 2014. Highlights of service provider commitments include:

  • ensuring power management features are enabled,
  • installing thin-client set-top boxes in multi-room configurations where feasible, and
  • ensuring 50% of new boxes purchased (or 25% of existing fleets) are ENERGY STAR certified.

Purchases of set-top boxes with advanced energy saving features receive a premium of 50% for thin clients and for boxes with deep sleep capability, meaning each box purchased counts as 1.5 boxes.

Participants also commit to reporting fleet and purchase figures by March 1 of each year.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heat/Energy recovery ventilators (H/ERV)

The ENERGY STAR Technical Specification for H/ERVs Version 2.0 came into effect March 1, 2015.  There were no modifications to the minimum requirements, however some definitions were added and the testing procedure was modified.  Below you will see the certification requirements and the new requirement for testing:

Climate Zone Zone Definition Minimum SRE at
32°F (0°C)
Minimum SRE at
-13°F (-25°C)
Minimum Fan Efficacy
with 32°F (0°C)
supply temperature
Heating Canada 65% 60% SRE < 75% 1.2 cfm/W
(0.57 L/s/W)
SRE ≥ 75% 0.8 cfm/W
(0.38 L/s/W)

Additional ENERGY STAR specification calculation requirement:
The SRE and net ventilation rate for the -25°C low temperature test shall be determined from measurements taken during the final 60 hours of the 72 hour nominal test period.  The 60h period shall be extended as necessary to allow for analysis of an integral number of complete operating/defrost cycles, e.g., if the HRV/ERV is in defrost at the end of the 72-hour test.

For further information, please consult the ENERGY STAR Version 2.0 Technical Specification on our website.

Be a market leader—join ENERGY STAR!

Canadians say the ENERGY STAR symbol is the tool they use most when shopping for energy-efficient products. You can gain a market edge and be a leader in Canada’s energy efficiency movement by joining our voluntary industry-government partnership. It is easy and there is no fee.


ENERGY STAR publishing

ENERGY STAR Guide for Commercial Kitchens [PDF  2.1 MB]

This guide will help owners and operators of food service equipment improve energy efficiency to achieve lower energy and water bills. It was written with the hospitality, institutional and retail sectors in mind.

See a complete list of ENERGY STAR and other efficiency-related publications on our website.

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The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.