Lighting products manufacturers—ENERGY STAR Canada Participants

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These companies are helping Canadians become more energy-efficient by manufacturing or distributing ENERGY STAR® certified lighting products. For residential use this may include light bulbs (fluorescents and LED), luminaires/fixtures (fluorescent and LED), decorative light strings (DLS) and ceiling fans with lights. For commercial use, this may include light fixtures.

Participants are eligible for the annual ENERGY STAR Canada Awards.

Manufacturers and distributors—ENERGY STAR certified lighting products (X = Certified)
Company Light bulbs Luminaires
Decorative light strings
AFX Inc. X X
Apex Chance Limited X
Bazz Inc – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2009 X X
Canarm Ltd. X X
Canstar General Trading Inc. X X
CNA International Ent. Inc. X X
Conglom Inc. (Luminus) – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2017 X X X
Contrast Lighting M.L. Inc. X
Cree Canada X X
Dals Lighting Inc. X
Danson Decor Inc. X
Dolan Designs., Inc. X
EarthTronics, Inc. X X
Everbright Lights Inc X X
Evolution Lighting, LLC X
Feit Electric Company Inc. X X
General Electric Canada X
Generation Brands LLC X X X
Globe Electric Company – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2015, 2008, 2007 X X
Good Earth Lighting X X
Greenlite Lighting Corporation X X X
H.S. Craft X
HRS Global X
Inliten, LLC X
Landlite North America Inc. X X
Lighting Science Group Corp. X X
L'Image Home Products Inc. – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2016 X X
National Tree Company X
NDR Electric X X
Nicor Inc. X
Ortech Industries Inc. X
Panasonic Canada Inc. X
Philips Lighting Canada Ltd. – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2017 X X
Progress Lighting X
Rab Design Lighting Inc. X
Satco Products Inc. X
Standard Products Inc. X X
Stanpro Lighting Systems Inc. X
Strak Holdings Inc. X
TADA Planet Corp X
Technical Consumer Products Inc. (TCP) X X X
Tomson Merchandise Co., Ltd. (Everstar) X
Toronto LED Inc. X X
Turolight Inc. X X
Westinghouse Lighting Canada Inc. X X
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. X

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.