Energy Star Day

ENERGY STAR® Canada will celebrate our second ENERGY STAR day on October 24, 2017.

The purpose of ENERGY STAR Day is to raise awareness of the important role that energy efficiency plays in helping Canadians combat climate change, as well as to celebrate the great strides our participants, stakeholders and citizens have made together in saving energy. If there’s one day to sing the praises of energy efficiency and the role that ENERGY STAR plays, it’s this one.

Plans for 2017 will be unveiled in the coming months.

ENERGY STAR Canada day 2016

Celebrations featured a Twitter party that reached over 30,000 users. Over 100 Canadians shared energy efficiency messages and tips on how ENERGY STAR has helped them save money and energy!

Sharing your messages and tips on ENERGY STAR can continue all year long. There are a number of ways for Canadians to participate, both big and small.:

  • Share your favourite energy efficiency tips and join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #BrightenaLife and #ENERGYSTARCanada.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive energy saving tips, suggestions and alerts about rebates and incentives throughout the year.
  • Share the ENERGY STAR Canada website with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family who are looking for products, and remind them to keep their eyes out for the ENERGY STAR symbol while shopping.
  • Research: If you’re not quite ready to make a purchase, take some time to research replacements for existing products in your home. (Hint: that 20-year-old fridge in your basement, garage or at the cottage is probably expanding your energy bills!) 

The goal of ENERGY STAR Day is to raise Canadians’ level of understanding and awareness of ENERGY STAR Canada and its instrumental role in helping Canadians be energy efficient. After all, energy efficiency is one of the top ways to reduce your energy costs and the impacts of climate change.

In Canada, using less energy results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making the world a better place. 

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.