Energy Star Day

ENERGY STAR® Canada will celebrate our third ENERGY STAR Day on October 23, 2018.

ENERGY STAR Day takes place every year on the fourth Tuesday of October.

The purpose of ENERGY STAR Day is to raise awareness of the important role that energy efficiency plays in helping Canadians combat climate change; and to celebrate the great strides our participants, stakeholders and citizens have made together in saving energy. If there’s one day to sing the praises of the role that ENERGY STAR plays in Canada’s energy efficiency efforts, it’s this one.


ENERGY STAR Canada challenged Canadians to make a simple change:

  • Swap out an old-fashioned incandescent bulb for a high efficiency ENERGY STAR certified LED.
  • Look up builders in your community offering ENERGY STAR certified New Homes.
  • Enter to win one of two ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats from Nest and Ecobee, one of our newest ENERGY STAR product categories. Follow the ENERGY STAR Canada Facebook and Twitter channels for all the details. Special thank you to our sponsors Nest and Ecobee for their donation of an Ecobee3 smart thermostat and a Nest Thermostat E.

There are many ways for Canadians to take part:

  • Buy an ENERGY STAR certified product and tell us about it on Twitter - @ENERGYSTAR_CAN or Facebook - @ENERGYSTARCanada using the hashtag #ENERGYSTARCanada.
  • Tell us about why you love your ENERGY STAR certified home on Twitter - @ENERGYSTAR_CAN or Facebook - @ENERGYSTARCanada using the hashtag #ENERGYSTARCanada.
  • Share your favourite energy efficiency tips and join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #ENERGYSTARDay and #ENERGYSTARCanada.
  • Research: If you’re not quite ready to make a purchase, take some time to research replacements for existing products in your home. (Hint: that 20-year-old fridge in your basement, garage or at the cottage is probably expanding your energy bills!) 
  • Share the ENERGY STAR Canada website and social media with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family who are looking for products or homes, and remind them to keep their eyes out for the ENERGY STAR symbol while shopping.

If you’re an ENERGY STAR Participant or stakeholder, please e-mail your Account Manager or drop the Brand Team a line at to get involved in ENERGY STAR Day planning.


The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.