Winners’ profiles—2015

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ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Awards

Manufacturer of the year—appliances— 2015

Whirlpool Canada LP

Whirlpool is the largest manufacturer of major home appliances in Canada, with 250 employees and $1 billion in annual sales across the country. In 2014, the company sold more than 625 000 ENERGY STAR certified units in Canada, through an estimated 1 300 retail locations across the country as well as developers, contractors and builders. In 2014, Whirlpool marketed 360 base models of ENERGY STAR certified washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, just over 80 percent of the company’s portfolio and across all its brands – JennAir, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana and Inglis.

Whirlpool’s impact in the market is due not just to its size and scope but its continuing innovation and commitment to growing the market in Canada for high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR certified products. In 2014, clothes dryer (electric) became eligible for ENERGY STAR certification and Whirlpool was the first company to design and manufacture a certified model.  Today all Whirlpool and Maytag brand front-load electric clothes dryers are ENERGY STAR certified, using 20 percent less energy than U.S. standards. The company also introduced an innovative hybrid heat pump dryer in 2014. The company achieved an unprecedented level of spending in training, most of it dedicated to ENERGY STAR content, including a new comprehensive in-store consumer engagement program.  In 2014 the company invested more than ever before promoting ENERGY STAR certified models. Whirlpool’s strong marketing and digital presence included millions of visits to its corporate brand websites. Whirlpool also has an ongoing commitment to outfit Habitat for Humanity new homes in the Toronto area with ENERGY STAR certified appliances.

Whirlpool Canada has received 12 ENERGY STAR awards: Manufacturer of the Year (2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015); Participant of the Year (2008); Sustained Excellence (2007, 2013).

Manufacturer of the year—electronics— 2015

Samsung Electronics Canada

Samsung Electronics Canada, founded in 1987, is a subsidiary of the global electronics giant known for its innovation in mobile phones and televisions, and today in home appliances as well. Samsung demonstrates engagement on energy efficiency on many fronts, starting with its PlanetFirst business framework.

Committed to being an ENERGY STAR leader, Samsung certifies models in every ENERGY STAR eligible product category in its portfolio. By the end of 2014, Samsung had certified more than 700 models in 11 product categories, many in consumer electronics. Its televisions use innovative technologies that give consumers the bright pictures and convenience they want with options to save energy. The company’s research and development and marketing teams aspire to keep growing the number of ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient certified products.

On its website, and on all its ENERGY STAR certified products and packaging, Samsung prominently displays the ENERGY STAR symbol and communicates the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR certified products to consumers, Samsung staff and its partners. Information on Samsung products is easily accessible through the company’s own website, and customers can purchase products via online mass-marketers and a variety of retailers located in all Canadian provinces. Samsung is also a significant contributor to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) processes for creating new product categories, such as computer tablets, and developing technical specifications.

Samsung has received two ENERGY STAR awards: Manufacturer of the Year—Electronics (2015); Collaborative Initiative of the Year (2012).

Manufacturer of the year—lighting— 2015

Globe Electric

Globe Electric has had its headquarters in Montreal since it was founded in 1932 as a wholesaler and distributor of electrical accessories to contractors, commercial operations and retailers. In 1986 the company launched its Globe brand to engage retailers directly and sales increased by more than 400 percent in the first year. Globe has continued to grow its presence in the market—and its awards—with an emphasis on product development, innovation and marketing. Their strategy includes the goal of changing the way consumers use lighting and save energy.

Tagging itself the “Creative Energy Company”, Globe sought in recent years to develop a better LED bulb; and 2014 was a breakthrough year for its development, manufacturing, marketing and retailer education around ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs and fixtures. Globe developed a new generation of bulbs to meet consumers’ needs for price and quality, and new packaging and marketing materials that respond directly to consumer questions around LEDs, for example, a list matching Globe LEDs models to compatible dimmers. Globe’s offering of ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs grew from 16 to 41 in 2014 – and sales grew more than 300 percent. The company markets more than 300 ENERGY STAR certified models in Canada.

Globe’s also promotes ENERGY STAR through long-standing and strategic partnerships with retailers, professional organizations, utilities and other allies in the field.

Globe Electric has received three ENERGY STAR awards: Manufacturer of the Year—Lighting (2008, 2015); Recruit of the Year (2007).

Manufacturer of the year—fenestration products—2015

All Weather Windows Ltd

All Weather Windows is the largest privately-owned window and door manufacturer in Canada, with leading-edge manufacturing facilities in Edmonton and Mississauga, and more than 1 000 dealers across the country. Energy efficiency is central to All Weather Window’s business plan and its brand; in fact, all of its 196 000 product models are ENERGY STAR certified!

All Weather Windows dedicates significant resources to research and development with the goal of continually exceeding standards and designing more efficient products. The company increased sales of ENERGY STAR certified products by seven percent in 2014 to more than half a million units. It also grew its offering of ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products by 11 percent to 461 models by refining many of its ENERGY STAR certified products to meet the Most Efficient 2014 requirements. All Weather Windows was also a key player in the development of the revised ENERGY STAR technical specification for fenestration that came into effect in February 2015.

The company invests extensively in the promotion of ENERGY STAR. All staff as well as sales representatives, dealers, builders, contractors and installers receive product training about the benefits and value of ENERGY STAR certification. Its communication strategy presents the ENERGY STAR symbol in all forms of marketing material, from product brochures – more than 40 000 distributed in 2014 – to in-store and tradeshow displays, a website with more than 60 000 unique page views per month, and a social media presence. Thanks to the commitment of All Weather Windows, the ENERGY STAR message reached more than one million Canadians in 2014!

All Weather Windows has received five ENERGY STAR awards: Manufacturer of the Year – Fenestration (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015); Participant of the Year (2012). 

Retailer of the year—2015

The Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot Canada (THDC) is one of the country’s leading home improvement retailers, with 182 stores and more than 27 000 employees across all 10 provinces. In 2014, The Home Depot grew its offering of ENERGY STAR certified products across a range of categories, increasing available LED models alone by more than 60 percent. It also saw significant sales growth in three of its largest categories: LED bulbs, windows and doors, and appliances. More than half of The Home Depot’s own Eco Options products are ENERGY STAR certified.

In 2014, The Home Depot executed its most successful partnership with utilities providing millions of dollars in rebates for energy-efficient products, most of them ENERGY STAR certified—a 110 percent increase over 2013. There were 549 in-store events promoting the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs in partnership partnered with Philips Lighting and various utilities. In 2014, prices were reduced by 20 to 25 percent on the most popular LED bulbs.

The Home Depot’s commitment to consumer education and staff training was comprehensive. It included training of more than 5 000 sales associates, a merchandising road show on LED bulbs, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through its online “Warehouse” collaboration tool. Consumer-wise, the retail giant sends out emails twice weekly to its subscription base. In 2014, several million households received The Home Depot’s weekly flyer, and 1 610 products were identified as ENERGY STAR certified on its website, a 190 percent increase over 2013. The Home Depot’s outlets are outfitted with permanent in-store signage and an entire bay dedicated to ENERGY STAR certified indoor light fixtures. 

The Home Depot Canada has received seven ENERGY STAR awards: Retailer of the Year (2004, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015); Sustained Excellence (2012); Advocate of the Year (2005).

Utility of the year—provincial—2015


Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity using renewable energy sources, in particular large-scale hydroelectric. It also conducts research and development in energy-related fields, including energy efficiency.

Hydro-Québec has offered energy efficiency programs promoting ENERGY STAR for over twelve years. ENERGY STAR is an integral part of its communication tools and consistently features in its advertising. Year after year, its range of programs and enthusiastic promotional campaigns help boost sales and increase the availability of certified products on the Quebec market while raising awareness among the public, its partners’ in-store representatives and new home builders. 

In 2014, the company helped encourage consumer sales of ENERGY STAR certified products by offering financial incentives through its Windows for Rental Properties, Refrigerator replacement for low-income households, and lighting programs. More than three million customers have taken advantage of mail-in and/or instant rebates on ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs and fixtures. In terms of units, this translates into more than 13 000 LED fixtures and nearly four million ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs sold – eight times more than in 2013.

Hydro-Québec has received 15 ENERGY STAR awards: Utility of the Year (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015); Promotional Campaign of the Year (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014); Collaborative Initiative of the Year (2005); and Sustained Excellence (2009).

Utility of the year—regional—2015

PowerStream Inc.

PowerStream Inc. is a community-owned energy company that provides safe, reliable and efficient service to 375 000 residential and business customers located north of Toronto and in Central Ontario. Since 2004, PowerStream has strived to be a socially responsible company, committed to the environment and sustainable growth, and leading the way with innovation and best-in-class performance. The utility has been an advocate of ENERGY STAR since its beginning in Canada.

In 2014, PowerStream took its “Smart Kids” campaign to the next level by adding new distribution channels such as direct mail, newspaper ads, videos and radio. Launched in 2013, the campaign is designed to promote residential energy efficiency and, in turn, help the utility meet its energy and demand reduction targets. The campaign featured ‘smart kids’ explaining how easy it is to save energy through PowerStream’s conservation programs; e.g. PowerStream’s Heating and Cooling Initiative provided an incentive on the purchase and installation of ENERGY STAR certified HVAC equipment. As a result, almost 10 000 furnaces and central air conditioning systems were replaced, leading to 2 MW of peak demand savings and 3.5 GWh of energy savings. The utility also partnered with GE Appliances Canada to run a year-long contest to promote PowerStream’s peaksaver PLUS® program offering early-bird prizes and a grand prize of a GE appliance package worth $15,000 which included ENERGY STAR certified products where eligible.

PowerStream promotes the ENERGY STAR symbol and messaging whenever possible in its communications, from print to web to social media. The utility believes social media has the potential to play a huge role in consumer education around ENERGY STAR; PowerStream has almost 15 000 followers on Twitter.

This is the first ENERGY STAR Award for PowerStream.

Promotional campaign of the year—2015

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is the province’s major energy utility, providing electricity and natural gas to more than 800 000 residential and business customers. Manitoba Hydro is committed to energy efficiency, helping customers reduce their energy bills for more than 25 years through its Power Smart programs.

In 2014, Manitoba Hydro partnered with Summerhill, an energy efficiency company, and five large retailers to implement the Power Smart Residential LED Lighting Program. The principal objectives were to encourage consumers to purchase  ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs and to educate customers about the benefits of LED lighting. With a 50-percent instant rebate, almost 200 000 ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs were purchased during the one-month promotion. One retailer sold 45 500 units that month compared to 27 000 in the previous 12 months.

The campaign’s clever tag line – 25 Light Years in Every Bulb – was used in promotional materials from web to print to social media to point-of-purchase (POP) materials. Five streams of online ads generated 1.5 million impressions and Manitoba Hydro’s website saw a 2 700 percent increase in the number of visits to its lighting pages. Print ads were placed in newspapers, 5 000 lighting tip sheets and 200 000 bill inserts were distributed, and billboards promoted the campaign. In-store engagement events with live radio remotes took place, and these retail partners promoted the campaign in their flyers and POP materials. ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs wrapped in promotional advertising were given away to customers who registered for online billing and at a variety of events, including a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.

Manitoba Hydro has received four ENERGY STAR Awards : Promotional Campaign of the Year (2005, 2015); Utility of the Year – Provincial (2006); Participant of the Year (2010).

Advocate of the year—2015

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

For almost 15 years, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has had a significant impact on greening Canada’s health care landscape with its initiatives at the local, provincial and national levels. Better use of energy resources and raising energy conservation awareness are integral to the Coalition’s mission which includes a strong commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable health care practices that complement the delivery of compassionate care to all Canadians. ENERGY STAR is one of its primary energy tools.

The Coalition’s main vehicle for promoting ENERGY STAR in Ontario is its HealthCare Energy Leaders Ontario (HELO) initiative. The HELO Team helped Ontario health care organizations learn about the ENERGY STAR options available to them and to reduce their electrical consumption and divert scarce budget dollars pack into the delivery of patient services and care. Through walk-through audits and personalized opportunity assessment reports, HELO demonstrated the benefit of installing ENERGY STAR certified equipment, and how to secure the largest incentives from the Ontario Power Authority (now the  Independent Electricity System Operator)  and natural gas providers, even going as far as assisting in the completion of incentive proposals. As a result of the work of the Coalition and its HELO Team, thousands of ENERGY STAR certified products have been installed in care facilities and physical plant and energy managers have a much better understanding of how beneficial ENERGY STAR is from energy use and financial perspectives to their institutions. The Coalition also demonstrates its commitment through websites and newsletters, discussion papers and conference presentations, as well as training workshops.  The ENERGY STAR brand has become far more prevalent in health care.

This is the first ENERGY STAR Award for the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care.

Promoter of the year: ENERGY STAR Most Efficient—2015

Vinyl Window Designs Ltd.

For almost 30 years, Vinyl Window Designs (VWD) has been a leader in the development and promotion of high-efficiency window products, utilizing foam insulation, triple glazing, warm edge spacers, and offering a variety of low-E models. One of the few window manufacturers in North America to have a research and development department, VWD continually works at improving existing products and developing new ones. Available across Canada through VWD’s dealers, flagship distributors and directly from the company, virtually every high efficiency window sold for a residential property is ENERGY STAR certified, including nine products that now meet the 2014 Most Efficient specification.

VWD’s commitment to ENERGY STAR is apparent in its prevalent use of the ENERGY STAR symbol and messaging on its website and in information materials. In some cases, VWD uses a tagline alongside the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient symbol to highlight the window’s features—and “triple glazed, double low-E and gas filled.” In particular, the company focusses its efforts on cooperative advertising with its dealer partners. By investing significant effort and dollars in joint marketing materials and technical factsheets aimed at educating the homeowner on the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR certified windows, VWD provides its dealers with useful information that makes selling VWD’s ENERGY STAR products easy and profitable. In order to respond to the increased requests for technical information, all VWD customer service and sales staff receive training about ENERGY STAR initiative, including Most Efficient.

Vinyl Window Designs has received five ENERGY STAR awards: Promoter of the Year—ENERGY STAR Most Efficient (2014, 2015); Sustained Excellence (2014); Advocate of the Year – Specific Product (2012); Manufacturer of the Year – Specific Product (2006).

Recruit of the year2015

Supply Change Management Association

Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is a national not-for-profit association of more than 7 500 supply chain professionals with a keen interest in promoting sustainability across all facets of the supply chain, and in particular, sustainable procurement. SCMA is a significant link in the supply chain community; it provides up-to-date information and resources, best-in-class business practices, benchmarking, research and market intelligence.

Becoming an ENERGY STAR Participant in 2014, SCMA has already demonstrated its commitment to ENERGY STAR and its ability to promote it to the supply chain community. In the fall of 2014, the association conducted a benchmarking study to ascertain the level of awareness of ENERGY STAR and sustainable procurement practices, and organizations’ activities in this respect. Participation was promoted via direct emails, ads and the e-newsletter. SCMA then set to work creating an awareness campaign on sustainable procurement, including ENERGY STAR, which ran from October 2014 to March 2015 and reached almost 20 000 supply chain professionals as well as the business community at large. Promotional materials included print ads and banners, direct emails, e-newsletters and web pages, and a feature in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. The campaign encouraged ‘strategic purchasing’ which means taking environmental and energy efficiency concerns into consideration along with other business needs for a competitive advantage.

This is the first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for Supply Chain Management Association.

Sustained excellence—2015

Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) sees sustainability as more than a green marketing initiative; it’s a business strategy that aligns benefits for customers, business and the environment.  Since 2008, the retail giant has integrated its sustainability strategy into business plans and operations in its stores, distribution centres and transportation. Canadian Tire has consistently helped its customers save energy and money through the promotion and sale of ENERGY STAR certified products at participating stores.

In 2014, Canadian Tire supported ENERGY STAR in Canada by offering ongoing and biannual promotional campaigns in partnership with nine different utilities. Ongoing programs included downloadable ENERGY STAR certified product coupons for customers in Ontario. Canadian Tire also offered a biannual utility rebate program that provided on-the-spot rebates to customers on a selection of ENERGY STAR certified products.  The company also continued to increase the availability of ENERGY STAR certified products with the addition of approximately 80 SKUs. In addition, Canadian Tire expanded its business activities in two new provinces in 2014 – New Brunswick and Newfoundland – educating customers about the benefits of energy efficiency and enabling more customers to save energy and money with ENERGY STAR certified products. All of these efforts resulted in a 52 percent increase in sales of ENERGY STAR certified products over the previous year.

Promotional activities for ENERGY STAR continued to include in-store signage and events, its flyer, which is delivered to approximately 11 million homes each week, and its website. The visibility and consumer awareness of its ENERGY STAR initiative was increased by changing its ads from single-product ads in 2013 to quarter-page and half-page ads in 2014. Canadian Tire also worked with vendors to develop educational materials, such as a video and light bulb comparators created by General Electric.  

This is the first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for Canadian Tire Corporation.

Builder of the year—New homes—2015

Arista Homes Limited

Arista Homes Limited is dedicated to providing each of their homeowners with quality, innovative designs, and loyalty to overall customer satisfaction. Arista Homes is celebrating 20 years of building quality homes across the Greater Toronto Area.

Arista Homes has been an active champion of the ENERGY STAR brand since 2008. The key to Arista Homes’ success in promoting ENERGY STAR certified homes is having embraced a corporate philosophy that is predicated on building the best possible homes for their clients and the desire to be environmentally conscious. This philosophy is carried out through their education process (with sales and technical staff, trades, and homebuyers) which begins early in their design phase as building specifications are established. Key construction and sales staff attend training courses, seminars, and design charrettes; clients and homeowners can attend the Arista Academy where the benefits and features of ENERGY STAR homes are communicated.

Arista Homes is successfully promoting and communicating the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes to homebuyers; a market barrier they identified and are actively working on. This is evident by the over 600 ENERGY STAR certified homes labelled thus far.

This is Arista Homes’ first ENERGY STAR Award.

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.