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Finding performance requirements for ENERGY STAR® certified products

For most technical specifications, ENERGY STAR Canada links directly to the U.S. ENERGY STAR website. To view the current specification, select a product from the list below. To receive a French translation of any of these specifications please send an e-mail request to

Technical specifications for heat/energy recovery ventilators (HRVs and ERVs), and fenestration products (windows, doors and skylights) are developed in Canada and are available on ENERGY STAR Canada’s website in both official languages.

Check our Canadian list of ENERGY STAR certified product categories to verify if a product type is eligible for ENERGY STAR certification. The list of eligible products in Canada and the United States is almost identical. There are, however, a few exceptions related to our different climates.

Note: Compliance with ENERGY STAR technical specifications does not imply compliance with any other applicable legal, code or regulatory requirements. Many ENERGY STAR eligible products are also subject to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. A link to the Regulations for each product is provided where applicable.

Learn more about: product selection or specification changes.




Commercial food service equipment


Heating, cooling and ventilating equipment

Light commercial heating and cooling equipment

Lighting products

Other products

Office equipment and Data Centers

Office equipment

  • Computers: ENERGY STAR specification (PDF, 1.25 MB)
    (desktops, notebooks, slate/tablets, portable all-in-ones, e-readers, small scale servers, thin clients and workstations)
  • Displays: ENERGY STAR specification (PDF, 1.46 MB)
    (computer monitors, enhanced-performance displays, digital picture frames and signage displays)
  • Imaging equipment: ENERGY STAR specification (PDF, 1.04 MB)
    (multi-function devices, photocopiers, printers, fax machines, combination printer/fax machines and mailing machines, scanners)
  • Small network equipment: ENERGY STAR specification (PDF, 405 KB)
    (broadband access and local network equipment)

Data centers

Water heaters

Windows and doors

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