ENERGY STAR® Certified Fixtures – 10,000 Models to Choose From

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, you can buy ENERGY STAR certified fixtures that will meet your needs. You may find what you need at home improvement centres, hardware stores, lighting specialty stores and other retail outlets. Specialty stores offer more selection and the option of looking through catalogues to find exactly what you want.

hanging light fixture

Save money

Lighting accounts for approximately 11 percent of electricity use in a Canadian home. By installing more efficient fixtures, you can save up to $130 per year. The amount you will save over the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR certified fixture will cancel out the higher initial cost.

Use less energy

ENERGY STAR certified fixtures – fluorescent and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – use one third or less of the energy of traditional fixtures, while distributing light more efficiently and evenly. They meet stringent specifications for energy consumption without sacrificing the features, versatility or quality of high-performing products.


New regulations

Regulations now in effect phase out less-efficient lighting sources from the Canadian market. This means that the lighting choices you make today should take into account the move toward more-efficient lighting fixtures that use pin-based fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.

What's new in the marketplace

ceiling fan with lights The winners of the "Lighting for Tomorrow" competition demonstrate how energy-efficient lighting can add warmth and radiance to your home while saving you energy and money. Manufacturers of ENERGY STAR certified fixtures are recognized for their products' efficiency, attractiveness and value. Check out the winning products, and ask for them when you are shopping.

ceiling pot light fixture
self-contained flourescent light fixture

Great versatility

There are thousands of ENERGY STAR certified fixtures to choose from, with prices to fit every budget. Your lighting plan should start with the ambient light that a room requires and continue with task lighting for areas that may need additional lighting.

Don't wait to renovate! Change a high-use fixture in your home to an ENERGY STAR certified fixture today.

double wall light fixture
pot light showing connection box
dome ceiling light fixture

Bulb and fixture in harmony

It is important to think about the fixture and bulb as a unit. Both the design of the fixture and the bulb it uses affect the quality and efficiency of the light that is produced. ENERGY STAR certified fixtures give you better light diffusion without sacrificing your aesthetic needs.


Fluorescent products contain small amounts of mercury, and LEDs contain electronic parts. Contact your municipality about local disposal and recycling options.


Instead of the industry standard of one-year warranties, manufacturers of ENERGY STAR certified fixtures must offer a two-year warranty for fluorescent fixtures and a three-year warranty for LED fixtures.

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