Consumer caution!

Consumer caution regarding door-to-door sales of home heating and cooling equipment

Homeowners need to be aware of a deceptive business practice that is being used in door-to-door sales of furnaces, hot water heaters and other related equipment. In this practice, a direct marketer comes to your door and requests or demands to inspect your home heating or cooling system immediately; they may appear to represent a heating equipment or energy company AND they claim or imply that they have the backing of the Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada and/or one of our energy efficiency brands— ENERGY STAR®, EnerGuide or ecoENERGY. This representation is purposefully misleading and is used as a pressure tactic to convince you to permit an inspection and/or to buy or lease equipment, or accept rebates.

Natural Resources Canada and its legitimate brands—ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide and ecoENERGY—NEVER perform or authorize others to perform unsolicited inspections on home equipment. Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide home energy evaluations are performed by licensed service organizations only at the request of homeowners. For a listing of licensed service organizations, please visit our web site.

If you face unsolicited intrusive sales practices, you have the legal right to refuse entry and ask the marketer to leave your property.  Your utilities will not be disconnected should you refuse access to your home. 

Report deceptive door-to-door business practice

If you experience this misrepresentation of government backing, please contact the appropriate provincial or federal consumer protection authorities or your local police, and email Natural Resources Canada with the following information: your name; when and where the incident occurred (time, date, address); name of the salesperson/s and their company, including contact information; a description of the sales tactic, especially references to Natural Resources Canada and any of our brands—ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide, ecoENERGY. Note that while Natural Resources Canada may be able to restrict the future misuse of its trademarks or brands, it has no power to investigate consumer protection complaints, and cannot help you recover lost funds.


For more information on consumer rights and legal protection, please refer to the following resources:

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.