Amendment 14 to the Energy Efficiency Regulations

Canada Gazette, Part I

Amendment 14 was pre-published on March 31, 2018 in the Canada GazettePart 1, and updates existing energy efficiency standards for 17 product categories to align with requirements in force or soon to be in force in the U.S. Pre-publication initiates a 75-day comment period, which will end on June 14, 2018. Natural Resources Canada welcomes formal, written comments to at any point throughout the 75-day period and encourages stakeholders to submit comments as soon as possible to allow for early analysis of any potential changes to the proposal to address concerns.

For information on requirements in the Regulations for each product, consult Natural Resources Canada’s Requirements for energy-using products.

Alternate energy efficiency verification scheme for battery chargers 

In consultation with certification bodies and the Standards Council of Canada, NRCan developed a cost-effective alternate energy efficiency verification scheme available for certification bodies to use to certify battery chargers.

Consultation in advance of pre-publication in Canada Gazette (Spring to Winter 2016)

Technical bulletins and webinars have been released for the following product categories to initiate the consultation process and to collect stakeholder views on the requirements under consideration.


Commercial and industrial



Notice of Intent (April 30, 2016)

A Notice of Intent was published in the Canada Gazette Part I on April 30, 2016 indicating Natural Resources Canada’s intent to proceed with the development of Amendment 14.