Ceiling fan light kits and ceiling fans with integrated lighting – May 2016

Technical bulletin on amending the standard

Webinar - June 2016

On April 30, 2016, Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency issued a Notice of Intent to align Canada’s EnergyEfficiency Regulations (the Regulations) for ceiling fan light kits (CFLK) and ceiling fans (CF) with integrated lighting with standards in the United States. This technical bulletin has been released to initiate the consultation process and to collect stakeholder views on the requirements being considered for CFLK and CF with integrated lighting.

Input received during this stage of the process will inform the development of the Amendment 14 proposal.  In addition, the department will undertake a cost-benefit analysis using the best available Canadian market data to assess the economic and environmental impacts of aligning these standards and to ensure Canadian consumers and businesses benefit from its implementation.

The Government of Canada intends to pre-publish a regulatory proposal in the Canada Gazette, Part I, within approximately one year of this bulletin.


CFLK and CF with integrated lighting have been regulated in Canada since 2010. The current Regulations establish minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) of 190 watts which applies to all household CFLK and CF with integrated lighting that are designed to allow more than 10 watts for lighting.  These MEPS are not aligned with the United States Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) energy conservation standards.

On January 6, 2016, the U.S. DOE published a final rule establishing more stringent energy conservation standard for CFLK based on the lumen output.  The U.S. DOE Regulations require that CFLK be packaged with lamps to fill all sockets.  In Canada, the Energy and Efficiency Act does not provide Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) with the authority to require that CFLK and CF be packaged with lamps.  Therefore, NRCan is considering alternative solutions for MEPS that are not based on lumen output.  As a result, the MEPS for CFLK and CF with integrated lighting under consideration would change to reduce the current maximum power limit of 190 watts to 70 watts.  This would encourage a change to more efficient lighting technologies while achieving similar impacts on the market as the US standards.

Product description

A ceiling fan is a household device that circulates room air via the rotation of fan blades.  CF are normally suspended from the ceiling and may replace a ceiling light fixture.  Many CF come equipped with integrated lighting or can be equipped with a CFLK which can be sold with the CF or separately.

Energy performance test procedure

NRCan is proposing that the following energy performance test procedure be referenced:

  • CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08 - Luminaires

The test procedure can be ordered from:

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Telephone: 1-800-463-6727
In Toronto, call 416-747-4044
Email: sales@csagroup.org
Website: http://shop.csa.ca

Energy performance standard

Proposed MEPS for CF with integrated lighting and CFLK are described below:

Proposed MEPS for ceiling fans with integrated lighting and ceiling fan light kits
      Product type             Maximum power limit      
CF 70
CFLKs 70

NRCan intends to propose that for CFLK and CF with integrated lighting, the following would be considered to meet the 70 watts maximum power limit without the use of a power limiting device:
(1) include only solid state lighting (SSL) technology;
(2) do not include an SSL lamp with an ANSI standard base (such as a medium screw based socket); and
(3) include only SSL drivers with a combined maximum operating wattage of no more than 70 watts.

Effective date

These Regulations will come into force six months after the date of publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II.

NRCan proposes that the updated standards will apply to CFLK and CF that are manufactured on or after January 7, 2019.

Verification requirements

The products will continue to carry a third party verification mark indicating that the product meets the MEPS and that information to be reported has been verified.

The verification mark is the mark of a Standards Council of Canada accredited certification body that operates an energy efficiency certification program for the product.

Reporting requirements

Energy efficiency reports

NRCan proposes that the following reporting requirements be added to the energy efficiency report required for CFLK and CF with integrated lighting:

  • type of lighting technology used
  • type of base (socket) used
  • does the CFLK or CF include only SSL drivers with a combined maximum operating wattage of no more than 70 watts

Import reports

There is no change proposed to import reporting requirements for CF and CFLK.

Comments invited

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide stakeholders with technical detail required to comment on the requirements under consideration for ceiling fan light kits and ceiling fans with integrated lighting.

NRCan is specifically interested in getting feedback on:

  • impacts associated with proposed approach to align the MEPS with the U.S. DOE given Canada’s legislative authority and suggestions on how this could be improved
  • product data source (i.e. shipment data, sales data, installed stock, etc.) that could inform a Canadian market assessment

Additional information on Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations including a current list of Standards Council of Canada accredited certification bodies can be found in the Department’s website.

We welcome your comments by June 30, 2016. All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Office of Energy Efficiency

Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E4
E-mail: nrcan.equipment.rncan@canada.ca