Dry-type transformers – May 2016

Technical bulletin on amending the standard

Webinar - June 2016

On April 30, 2016, Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency issued a Notice of Intent to align Canada’s EnergyEfficiency Regulations (the Regulations) for dry-type transformers with standards in the United States. This technical bulletin has been released to initiate the consultation process and to collect stakeholder views on the requirements being considered for dry-type transformers.

Input received during this stage of the process will inform the development of the Amendment 14 proposal.  In addition, the department will undertake a cost-benefit analysis using the best available Canadian market data to assess the economic and environmental impacts of aligning these standards and to ensure Canadian consumers and businesses benefit from its implementation.

The Government of Canada intends to pre-publish a regulatory proposal in the Canada Gazette, Part I within approximately one year of this bulletin.


Dry type transformers were first regulated in Canada in 2005.  In April 2013, the United States Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) issued a final rule, which increased the stringency of the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS).

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is considering increasing the stringency of MEPS for dry type transformers in Canada.  If implemented, this proposal would ensure MEPS are aligned with regulations for similar size units in the U.S.

Product description

A dry-type transformer is an air-cooled device used to change voltage, either to step up or step down, depending on the end use requirement.

There are no changes proposed to efficiency levels for single phase dry type transformers of voltage class >1.2kV however the upper BIL limit is changed from >95 -199kV to >95kV.

Energy performance test procedure

NRCan is proposing that CSA C802.2-12 Minimum efficiency values for dry-type transformers be referenced as the energy performance test procedure.

The test procedure can be purchased from:

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Telephone: 1-800-463-6727
In Toronto, call 416-747-4044
Email: sales@csagroup.org
Website: http://www.shop.csa.ca

CSA energy efficiency standards are also available at no cost on their website. To access free standards you will first need to create an account to join the CSA Communities of Interest.

Energy performance standard

Proposed MEPS for dry-type transformers are described below:

Table 1 – Proposed MEPS for three phase dry type transformers of voltage class = 1.2kV1,2
kVA %
15 97.89
30 98.23
45 98.40
75 98.60
112.5 98.74
150 98.83
225 98.94
300 99.02
500 99.14
750 99.23
1000 99.28

1Tested at 35% of nameplate rated load.
2There are no changes proposed to single phase dry-type transformers with a voltage class = 1.2kV

Table 2 – Proposed MEPS for dry type three phase transformers of voltage class >1.2kV1,2
20 up to 45 kV more than 45 and up to 95 kV more than 95 kV
15 97.504 97.184 96.804
30 97.904 97.634 97.304
45 98.104 97.864 97.604
75 98.334 98.13 97.904
112.5 98.52 98.36 98.104
150 98.65 98.51 98.204
225 98.82 98.69 98.57
300 98.93 98.81 98.69
500 99.09 98.99 98.89
750 99.21 99.12 99.02
1000 99.28 99.20 99.11
1500 99.37 99.30 99.21
2000 99.43 99.36 99.28
2500 99.47 99.41 99.33
3000 99.47 99.41 99.33
3750 99.47 99.41 99.33
5000 99.47 99.41 99.334
7500 99.484 99.414 99.394

1Tested at 50% of nameplate rated load.
2There are no changes proposed to efficiency levels for single phase dry type transformers of voltage class >1.2kV however the upper BIL limit is changed from >95 -199kV to >95kV.
3BIL means basic impulse insulation level.
4No changes proposed to the current regulation.

Effective date

These Regulations will come into force six months after the date of publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II.

NRCan proposes that the updated standards will apply to dry-type transformers that have been manufactured on or after January 1, 2016.

Verification requirements

There is no change proposed for the energy efficiency verification requirements for this product.

Reporting requirements

Energy efficiency reports

There is no change proposed for the energy efficiency report requirements for dry-type transformers.

The Regulations apply to products imported or shipped inter-provincially for sale or lease in Canada. This report must be submitted, by the dealer, to NRCan before the product is imported into Canada or traded inter-provincially for the first time.

Import reports

There is no change proposed to import reporting requirements for this product.

Comments invited

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide stakeholders with technical detail required to comment on the requirements under consideration for dry-type transformers. 

Natural Resources Canada is specifically interested in getting feedback on:

  • the definition of a dry type transformer specified in CSA C802.2-12
  • the normal impedance range specified in standard CSA C802.2-12
  • increasing the BIL range from 95-199kV in the current Regulations to >95kV as proposed in Table 2
  • efficiency values for transformers larger than 2500 kVA
  • referenced test procedures and alignment

Additional information on Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations including a current list of Standards Council of Canada accredited certification bodies can be found in the Department’s website.

We welcome your comments by June 30, 2016. All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Office of Energy Efficiency

Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E4
E-mail: nrcan.equipment.rncan@canada.ca