Frequently asked questions about energy efficiency reports

  1. What is an energy efficiency report?

    The report describes the energy-using product and provides information on its energy efficiency.  The report should include the following:

    • product type
    • brand name
    • model number
    • manufacturer
    • name of the organization or province that carried out the product energy performance verification and authorized the verification mark that will be put on the product
    • specific information about the energy efficiency and energy-use characteristics of the product required by the Energy Efficiency Regulations

  2. When does a dealer need to submit an energy efficiency report?

    An energy efficiency report must be sent to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) before a regulated energy-using product is imported into Canada or shipped between provinces for the purpose of sale or lease.  You can check to see if a model has already been reported by searching on the compliant model list.

  3. Is my product a regulated energy-using product?

    To find out, consult the list of regulated products.  If your product falls within the scope of the regulatory definition, it needs to meet the requirements, which include submitting an energy efficiency report.

  4. I need to submit an energy efficiency report.  Where can I find the template?

    Download the product-specific report template from the file exchange website.  If you have questions, contact us.

  5. Where should I submit a completed energy efficiency report?

    Completed energy efficiency reports may be returned to NRCan by email at

  6. How can I ensure my energy efficiency report is accepted?

    To avoid having your energy efficiency report returned, complete all of the required fields of the “Models” and “Information” sheets.   Report only one brand name and model number on each line of the “Models” sheet, along with all of the other required information.  Send a copy of the energy efficiency verification certificate for each model, or a link to the online file, along with your report.  An energy efficiency verification certificate is issued by a certification body and confirms the model was tested to the correct test standard and verified for energy efficiency.  

  7. Do I need to fill out this report to certify my product as ENERGY STAR® certified?

    No, the energy efficiency report is not used to certify your product for ENERGY STAR.  It is submitted to NRCan to meet regulatory requirements. 

    Most products are now ENERGY STAR certified in the United States.  For information on becoming a participant in Canada, refer to the ENERGY STAR Canada website

  8. I have submitted an energy efficiency report.  Why is the model not on the compliant model list?

    It takes approximately one week for a model to appear online after a completed energy efficiency report is submitted to the NRCan database. For some products, it can take longer.  If you have waited longer than a week and the model is not listed, contact us.

  9. May I import a model before it appears on the compliant model list?

    The presence of a model on the compliant product list is not the only indication of compliance with the regulations.  Contact NRCan to find out if a model that does not appear online has met the requirements, and if it can be imported.  

  10. What does NRCan do with an energy efficiency report?

    NRCan checks the information in an energy efficiency report to make sure that the product meets the prescribed energy efficiency standard.   Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regularly sends information about importations of regulated products to NRCan. This import information is cross-matched with information submitted on energy efficiency reports as part of the compliance monitoring  of products imported into Canada.

  11. What happens if I submit an incomplete energy efficiency report or none at all?

    If a product does not meet the prescribed energy efficiency level, or an incomplete report is submitted, NRCan will contact the dealer to correct the situation before the first importation or shipment of the product. NRCan will also request information from dealers who do not file the required energy efficiency reports.

    NRCan can instruct customs officials to stop the importation of a product that does not meet the prescribed energy efficiency standard.

  12. If I submit an energy efficiency report, have I also satisfied the import reporting requirements?

    No, an energy efficiency report is a separate reporting requirement from the import reporting requirement An energy efficiency report must be submitted prior to the first import of a model, and includes details about the energy performance and characteristics.  Import reporting happens at the time of import, and information is collected by Canada Border Services Agency.  Import reporting includes the name of the product, the model number, the brand name, the address of the dealer importing the product, and the purpose of the importation.

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