Regulations and Standards

Some of the product categories that are regulated in Canada include appliances, cooling equipment, lighting and heating equipment

Up-to-date information about energy efficiency standards for products and equipment that are regulated in Canada.

What's new?



See details about current amendments to the Regulations, their stage of development and public consultation opportunities, and information on the Energy Efficiency Act.

Regulatory co-operation

Stay current with both Canada-U.S. and federal-provincial/territorial efforts to better align energy efficiency standards.

Searchable product list

Use this handy tool to find and compare the energy efficiency of all product models regulated in Canada.


Forward Plan 2018-2020

Get an overview of amendments to the Regulations that are under consideration.

Guide to the Regulations

Find out how the Regulations work, who is affected and what their responsibilities are in order to comply with requirements.

Importer’s Corner

Information and instructions for dealers who are importing regulated products into Canada.