Importer's Reminder Card

Importing Regulated Energy-Using Products


Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Regulations prohibit the importation of certain energy-using products (for the purpose of sale or lease) unless specific requirements are met by importers/dealers.

Regulated Products*

Clothes dryers Boilers: gas, oil-fired, electric Packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps Exit signs Automatic ice-makers
Clothes washers Chillers Room air conditioners Fluorescent lamp ballasts Dry-type transformers
Integrated cothes washer-dryers Fireplaces: gas Large air conditioners, heat pumps and condensing units General service fluorescent lamps Refrigerated beverage vending machines
Dehumidifiers Furnaces: gas, oil-fired Gas-fired unit heaters General service incandescent reflector lamps Self-contained commercial refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and freezers
Dishwashers Heat pumps: ground-source, internal water loop ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS General service lamps and modified spectrum incandescent lamps Household-style commercial clothes washers
Freezers Air conditioners (central) and heat pumps: split-system, single-package, single-package vertical Compact audio products Torchieres ELECTRIC MOTORS
Ranges: electric, gas Compact fluorescent lamps 1-500 HP (0.746-375 kW)
Refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and wine chillers External power supplies Traffic signal modules and pedestrian modules WATER HEATERS
  Televisions Ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits Electric, gas, oil-fired
Video products

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Importing Requirements

NRCan import reporting requirements (five data elements):

  1. Name of the product (eg. dishwasher)
  2. Model number of the product (for motors, the model number or the unique motor identifier)
  3. Brand name (if any)
  4. Address of the dealer
  5. Purpose of the importation

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