Single Window Initiative and the Energy Efficiency Regulations

Importers of regulated energy-using products will be able to submit import data required by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations (Regulations) through the Single Window Initiative (SWI) of the Canada Border Services Agency. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will continue to receive the information from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for monitoring. SWI is designed to reduce the administrative burden at the border.

How does SWI work?

Starting in February 2015, importers can submit the data elements required by the Regulations pre-arrival using an Integrated Import Declaration (IID). The IID can be used instead of the existing Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) submission. Transactions which use a paper process instead of EDI will continue to do so. 

The IID submission can be completed up to 90 days in advance allowing importers to receive recommended border decisions before shipments reach the border.

The required NRCan data elements to be provided in the IID remain the same and are as follows:

  • Product type: The name of the regulated product being imported (i.e. refrigerator).
  • Brand name: A term that identifies the regulated product as assigned by the seller.
  • Model number: The model number of the regulated product being imported.
  • Purpose for which the regulated product is being imported:
    • sale or lease without modification;
    • sale or lease with modification to comply with the prescribed energy efficiency standard; or
    • component of export.

The address of the dealer importing the products, as required by the Regulations, is provided to NRCan by the CBSA from information collected from the importer.

The new functionality of the IID will allow importers to identify non-regulated product being imported. As such, importers of non-regulated products will no longer be prompted to provide the required data elements.

For details on the data elements refer to the program specific appendix in the CBSA published SWI Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD).

NRCan Timeline

Implementation of SWI functionality for the Energy Efficiency Regulatory program will start in February 2015.

NRCan Consultations

NRCan has actively participated in CBSA led consultation sessions since spring of 2013 and has presented at numerous industry associations including specific WebEx sessions.  This has provided stakeholders with the opportunity to connect with program personnel, understand the new functionality and address questions and concerns about the development and implementation of the NRCan specific program.

For additional information please visit the Energy Efficiency Regulatory Program