Integrated Clothes Washer Dryers

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Regulatory Definition

A household appliance that consists of a clothes washer component and a clothes dryer component located above, below or beside it, that is powered by one power source and that has its control panel located on one of the components; or a combination clothes washer-dryer.

A combination clothes washer-dryer is a household appliance that has a clothes washer function and clothes dryer function that utilize the same drum; a common control panel for both functions; and one power source.

Compliance Date

Clothes washer function:

  • Tier I: manufactured on or after March 7, 2015 and before January 1, 2018
  • Tier II: manufactured on or after January 1, 2018

Clothes dryer function: manufactured on or after January 1, 2015

EnerGuide Label


List of Compliant Models

Test Standard

CSA C360-13 for clothes washer function
CSA C361-12 or 10 C.F.R. Appendix D2 for clothes dryer function

Energy Efficiency Standard
Clothes Washer Function
Type of Product Integrated Modified Energy Factor
Tier I Tier II
Vertical-axis compact ≥ 24.35 ≥ 32.56
Vertical-axis standard ≥ 36.53 ≥ 44.46
Horizontal-axis compact ≥ 32.00 ≥ 32.00
Horizontal-axis standard ≥ 52.10 ≥ 52.10
Clothes Dryer Function
Product class Minimum Combined energy factor
kg/kWh lb/kWh
Conventional standard electric 1.69 3.73
Conventional compact electric 120 V 1.64 3.61
Conventional compact electric 240 1.48 3.27
Ventless compact electric 240 V 1.16 2.55
Ventless combination washer-dryer electric 0.94 2.08

Energy Efficiency Report Requirements

  • name of product;
  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • manufacturer;
  • the name of the certification body or province whose verification mark will be on the product or its package;
  • type and size category;
  • volume, expressed in litres;
  • annual energy consumption, in kWh, for clothes washer function and clothes dryer function;
  • integrated modified energy factor in L/kWh/cycle for clothes washer function;
  • combined energy factor in kg/kWh for clothes dryer function;
  • integrated water consumption factor in L/cycle/L;
  • maximum water temperature available, namely, ≤ 57.2°C  or > 57.2°C;
  • which of the wash/rinse temperature selections listed in Table 5 of CSA C360-13 the product has;
  • water fill control system the product has, namely, manual or adaptive; and
  • drying controls the product has, namely, timed, auto-temp or auto-moisture.

Download the energy efficiency reporting template.

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