Single Package Vertical Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Regulatory definition
A single package vertical air-conditioner means a single package commercial air-conditioner that is air-cooled and encased, with or without heating capability but not a heat pump. A single package vertical heat pump means a single package commercial heat pump that is air-cooled, encased and uses reverse cycle refrigeration as its primary heat source. The major components of both are arranged vertically and are intended for mounting through, or on either side of, an exterior wall.

Regulatory name
Single package vertical air conditioner
Single package vertical heat pump

Test standards
CSA C746-06

Compliance date
January 1, 2011

EnerGuide label
Not required

EnerGuide directory
Not available

Energy efficiency standard

Minimum Energy Performance Levels for Single Package Vertical
Air Conditioners (SPVAC) and Heat Pumps (SPVHP)
Type Mode Size Minimum efficiency requirement
SPVAC and SPVHP Cooling < 65 000 Btu/h EER = 9.0
≥ 65 000 to <135 000 Btu/h EER = 8.9
≥ 135 000 Btu/h EER = 8.6
SPVHP Heating < 65 000 Btu/h COP = 3.0
≥ 65 000 to <135 000 Btu/h COP = 3.0
≥ 135 000 Btu/h COP = 2.9


  • COP = Coefficient of performance
  • EER = Energy efficiency ratio

Reporting Requirements as listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (SPVAC or SPVHP)
  • brand name
  • model number
  • manufacturer
  • name of the certification body that carried out the verification and authorized the verification mark that will appear on the product
  • AHRI classification
  • cooling capacity in kW (Btu/h)
  • energy efficiency ratio (EER)
  • heating capacity in kW (Btu/h) (Single package vertical heat pump)
  • heating coefficient of performance (COP) (Single package vertical heat pump)