Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Project Summary

If approved, the project will involve building a new pipeline along the existing Trans Mountain pipeline route between Edmonton, Alberta, and Burnaby, British Columbia, which will increase the pipeline’s capacity from 300,000 barrels to 890,000 barrels per day. The project will also expand the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby to permit it to increase the number of tankers per month it can receive from five to 34. The pipeline project will follow existing rights-of-way for 89 percent of its 1,147 kilometre length and add two berths to the existing marine terminal.

The $6.8-billion project will have significant economic benefits, as it is expected to provide $4.5 billion in government revenues. It will create 15,000 new jobs in Alberta and British Columbia. during construction, beginning in 2017. Indigenous groups will also benefit from jobs and business opportunities as a result of over $300 million in mutual benefit agreements they have signed with the proponent.

The project will diversify Canada’s export market access for oil to markets in Washington State and northeast Asia (Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan) and to secondary markets in the United States such as California, Hawaii and Alaska. It will also help address an emerging bottleneck in Canada’s pipeline network, which might otherwise drive producers to greater reliance on transportation by rail.

Map of proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Configuration.

Map of proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Configuration.

Text Version

This animated map shows the existing line 1 and proposed twinning of line 2 of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project areas of interest and geographic features within British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.


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