Smart Grid Program

A request for proposals under the Smart Grid Program is now open.

Up to $100 million will be invested for utility-led projects to reduce GHG emissions, better utilize existing electricity assets and foster innovation and clean jobs for:

  • demonstration of smart grid technologies
  • deployment of smart grid integrated systems

Do you qualify?

The request for proposals is open to:

  • legal entities formed in Canada, including: electricity and gas utilities, electricity system operators, transmission system owners and operators (including provincial Crown corporations, agencies, co-operatives, Indigenous and municipally owned) and local distribution companies as direct or ultimate recipients; and
  • provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments and agencies where applicable as initial recipients.

Submit a Proposal

Respondents must submit the Smart Grid Program registration form. Upon receipt, a proposal template and Applicant Guide will be e-mailed to you.

Complete and submit the proposal template by March 4, 2018, 23:59 EST.

Only proposals received before the deadline will be accepted. Keep a record of the date and time of your submission.

Please allow up to an hour for the material to be received following submission of the registration form.

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Join the Smart Grid Program Webinar

On January 25, 2018 at 13:30 EST, NRCan will be hosting a bilingual webinar to provide feedback on responses to the Project Concept Questionnaire and overview of the Applicant Guide. Interested parties can register below.

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Why is Canada investing in Smart Grids?

Smart grids help ensure safer and more secure delivery of electricity, provide foundations for new market structures and a higher quality of service for customers. They are a key enabler for GHG mitigation as they increase the hosting capacity of renewable generation, improve asset utilization and increase resiliency. Benefits of smart grids include:

  • better utilizing the existing capacity of electricity assets
  • increasing the penetration of renewable generation
  • increasing the reliability, resiliency and flexibility of the power system
  • maintaining cyber security
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • creating jobs

NRCan reserves the right to alter the currently envisaged process, funding amounts and deadlines, or to cancel the entire application process at its sole discretion. Any changes will be communicated to registered applicants via email.