CO2 Conversion to Methanol

Lead Proponent:   Quantiam Technologies Inc.
Location:  Edmonton, AB
CEI Contribution: $ 1.15 M
Project Total: $ 2 M
Strategic Area:  Carbon Capture, Use  and Storage

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of this project is to complete the technology development and prototyping of a CO2 to Methanol technology project, and to demonstrate the technology at a  “labscale pilot” level.

The labscale pilot constitutes a lower risk, lower cost alternative to a “Facility Pilot”.  A subset of critical process variables will be scaled to 10-100X in a more ‘realistic ’ and process-relevant environment in order to validate the catalyst and process technology. The project’s ultimate goal is the carbon negative conversion of captured CO2 emissions to produce methanol at industrial scales.

Expected Results:

It is expected that this technology will replace syngas-to-methanol, due to it being less dependant on fossil fuel feedstocks, therefore, emitting less CO2.

The CO2 Conversion to Methanol project will support training in the Cleantech sector, and when deployed will generate Cleantech jobs for Canadians.

Project Partners:

Tier-1 Chemical/Petrochemical company

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